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6 December 2021

Popular Telemedicine Apps for Healthcare Professional


Healthcare practices have gone digital and transformed the landscape completely. These apps have allowed doctors to stay connected with their patients irrespective of location. Additionally, they also helped medical professionals to manage their practices more efficiently. In this article, we will highlight some of the best telemedicine apps for medical professionals to improve their in-house and online practices.

Bajaj has developed telemedicine apps for medical professionals that work beyond just offering online appointments. Instead, it is designed to be a complete management solution for doctors. It has a virtual receptionist to help doctors with calls so that they can focus better on their practice.

Furthermore, doctors often have to write the same prescriptions, especially during the follow-up appointment; the extensive database of this app provides an auto-suggest medicine tool, which is backed by a massive database. Doctors can consult with their patients through chat, video call, or audio call. The medical professionals can view all appointments in one detailed dashboard. Furthermore, to ensure that no appointment is missed, the app sends reminders to the patients.|

Navia Life Care

It is a well-known health tech firm that provides voice-based virtual assistants to medical professionals. It is designed as a patient engagement platform that is excellent for medical service providers. The app adheres to various aspects of communication, compliance, and monitoring. Furthermore, there is a standardized template, which features tons of customization options.

Therefore, this telemedicine app for doctors aims to provide prompt delivery times and scalability. It allows doctors to easily manage patients' appointments and records. Moreover, it allows medical professionals to easily add and access patients' profiles. Doctors can provide consultation through audio and video calls. The app is backed by Navi smart EMR, which enables doctors to access voice-enabled digital prescriptions. This saves a lot of time which is spent on writing prescriptions.

Practo Pro

It is another robust telemedicine app for doctors to make care services more accessible for patients. Practo Pro is designed to eliminate repetitive tasks, thereby allowing doctors to focus better on patients. There is a wide range of excellent features that enable doctors to connect with patients and provide reliable medical solutions.

The app has a reliable support team that addresses any issues that users may be dealing with while using the app. Furthermore, it provides doctors with access to caller ID to manage patients' appointments better. Doctors can consult with patients across the nation through a reliable communication medium. The automated patient appointment makes it easier to manage online bookings. And, through electronic medical records, doctors can easily create and share information.


mFine is an excellent medical app for doctors that offer seamless online consultation. The app enables doctors to offer online consultations round the clock. Moreover, you will find doctors in over 20 specializations, providing a wide range of health care services. The doctors can offer consultation through chat, video calls, or audio calls.

mFine has collaborated with leading hospitals across the nation. The app also enables doctors to write online prescriptions through the app. There are zero registration fees. The platform provides more than 1000 tests, and patients can get online reports within 24 to 48 hours. Moreover, there are 20+ health check-up packages.


Prescrip is one of the leading healthcare technology firms that envision transforming how healthcare is offered in the nation. The app was set up in 2014 and is available as an iOS healthcare solution for doctors. It is led by Shekhar Rawtani and Tanay Surkund. The medical app for doctors enables them to produce medically compliant prescriptions and maintain secure patient records.

The app works on a freemium model which caters to over 7000 doctors spawned across 477 cities in the country. The medical app for doctors has doctors from a wide range of specialties to offer versatile medical services to patients digitally. Doctors can easily write prescriptions online. They can also send reminders to patients regarding their appointments. Doctors can track treatment history and organize images and notes. 

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The prominence of online medical services has constantly been expanding and cannot be overlooked. Technology has enabled doctors to connect with their patients online at any point in time. It makes it easier for them to expand their practice and build credibility. There are many apps for doctors to take their practice online. And above are some of the best apps that doctors can invest in to provide care services.

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