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25 January 2022

How to Buy Best Skateboards

 Whether you are looking to buy skateboards for beginners or kids or for doing tricks, keep reading this post till the end, and you will have a clear guide.

Skateboards are an integral part of our lives. They are fun, exciting and provide endless hours of entertainment. If you want to learn more about this sport, learn from the pros. The pros have had years to perfect the art of skateboarding and can navigate and perform advanced tricks, which allows them to get to the top. Buying a skateboard for yourself won’t be too expensive, where the cost of a pro skateboard is much more than a regular one.

There are multiple skateboard types that you can buy, a few best categories of skateboards that you can buy are here:

  1. Cruiser Skateboards
  2. Skateboard For Beginners
  3. Skateboard For Tricks

These are the top 3 most popular categories across skateboarding. So, let's drive into these categories to collect more detailed information related to the same.

Cruiser Skateboards

Here is the best buying guide that you should read for Cruiser Skateboards. It will help you a lot in choosing the right Cruiser Skateboard for you within your budget.

Cruiser skateboards are best for cruising streets, short distances. It is a little longer than a regular skateboard and a little shorter than a longboard. Cruiser skateboards are the best if you want to roam around within your locality.

These are good for traveling too. Cruiser Skateboards are usually around 23-29 inches. They usually have a mini-drop or kick tail to make your ride easier and look more stylish. You will feel more comfortable while skateboarding on it in crowded areas. It comes in the perfect size, and it's lightweight making it easy to carry around and take where ever you want.

Skateboard For Beginners

What should you consider finding the best skateboard for beginners? The Board: The deck of your skateboard is the most important part of your skateboard, this is where the trucks, wheels, bearings, and deck grip tape reside. Many beginners start with a complete skateboard and then when they get older, add the complete skate setup.

Here are the top 3 skateboards that you can choose as a beginner:

1- Minority Maple 32 Skateboard

2- Hikole Skateboard

3- Roller Derby RD Skateboard

You should read any buying guide before buying a beginners' skateboard. Multiple websites provide detailed information about buying skateboards along with their Pros and Cons. is highly recommended for checking before buying the best skateboard for you.

Skateboard For Tricks

Skateboarding is a crazy sport and doing tricks is an accomplishment. Achieving the tricks is rewarding in itself and the feeling sets in. You are no longer a child playing and hanging around without a purpose. The feeling is strong and satisfaction is a given.

Skateboarding is much more challenging than skating and completing tricks is crucial to breaking the ice and getting into the sport.

Here are the best 3 skateboards for tricks that you can buy directly from Amazon:

1- Minority 32 Inch Maple

2- KPC Pro


These 3 skateboards are the game changer if you want to do skateboarding tricks.

Not only is this a personal endeavor, but it often takes money to get the best gear. There is no point in buying second-rate skate gear that doesn't meet your desired level of quality. You'd be better off having a cheaper skateboard to learn how to skate and progress than to keep buying cheaper boards with no results. So, spend the money and pick up a quality skateboard, because you can grow with it before you have to replace it. You can upgrade the board when you start learning more about it.

If you want to learn skateboarding, here is the guide that helps you learn skateboarding fast.

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