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5 August 2022

Rising Pet Adoption in Developing Countries to Favor Pet Snacks & Treats Market


Although the majority of the pet snacks and treats are tasty, they are mostly marketed depending on the pleasure they offer, the added minerals and vitamins they contain as well as the health benefits. A few types of dog treats and snacks claim to bolster joint flexibility as well as dental health while others are gluten-free, hypoallergenic, vegetarian, and ideal for diabetic dogs. There are some cat treats that promise to offer a healthy coat from hairballs. Low-fat snacks and treats are also available for obese pets, coming in different shapes and sizes for small, medium, and large pets.

Marketing of pet snacks and treats is not only aimed at the pet but also at its owner. Most of the information offered taps into the pet humanization trend. The common tendency of the pet owners is to consider their pets as family’s quasi-human members. A few products have names that are similar to that of human foods, which also sound tempting. A few examples are “cheesy muffins” and “doggie doughnuts.” Doggie cupcakes, cookies, and birthday cakes are also sold on the internet, along with recipes allowing owners to make their own treats, such as oatcake and salmon cookie recipes for cats. A variety of pet snacks and treats also claim to be natural and pure. 

What Are the Best Options for Pet Snacks and Treats Available?

Pet snacks and treats cater to all the dietary requirements of pets, quite similar to how humans eat snacks. Pets easily get bored and to ensure that they are engaged, active, and attentive, owners are required to give them treats. 

What are the Benefits of Pet Snacks and Treats?

There are several pet stores as well as online websites that offer varieties of snacks and treats. Natural pet snacks and treats offer a host of benefits, as these are generally rich in proteins and low in fat. For instance, owners of puppies of various breeds prefer soft fish or chicken strips. Other than the dried-up snacks and treats, there is always an option of gravy varieties that are sold online in attractive packs.

Pet snacks and treats are often given as rewards for obedience. Pets are often trained to perform tricks or follow commands. Using snacks and treats to train pets can be a great method of rewarding. Owners need to understand the preference of the pet before buying the treat and snacks. 

Natural snacks and treats for pets have no extra artificial items that are generally added to bolster the color and flavor. Optimum nutrition is achieved by adding high-quality, natural pet snacks and treats to the pets’ daily diet.

Natural pet snacks and treats contain significant levels of proteins that help foster the immunity of the pets. Moreover, the natural treats of high-end quality are easily digestible, unlike a few low-quality ones. Better dental health is also achieved with the consumption of all-natural pet snacks and treats. For example, owners with kittens and cats at home can cook soft salmon and tuna that enhance their digestive health.

Pet Snacks and Treats Market Status Quo

The notable rise in the pet adoption rate, growing humanization, and mounting awareness about pet health among people have raised the demand for a variety of pet snacks and treats. However, the COVID-19 impact has been extremely detrimental to the worldwide market. The pandemic hampered the supply and demand chain, with the pet food space encountering numerous setbacks in the form of transportation restrictions. The worldwide lockdowns led to a sharp drop in the overall demand, with supplies slowing down in line with the disruptions in manufacturing plants as well as supply chains.

On the contrary, the rapidly escalating number of pet food brands all over the world will benefit the market. soaring health awareness with regard to pets and the rise in pet humanization will enhance the demand for specialized pet snacks and treats containing all types of nutrition. With pet parents shifting towards natural and organic options for their pets, several brands are now selling a number of organic and natural treats and snacks. High-quality, premium ingredients have a significant role in the purchasing decision the pet owners.

Pet owners in developed regions are increasingly becoming aware with regard to pet health conditions like allergies, dietary tolerances as well as weight. Pet owners are now extremely concerned about their pets' health, and are, therefore, spending on various nutritious pet options. There is a heavy demand for specialized pet snacks and treats, which has fostered the pet food production rate all over the world. 

The market’s competitive landscape is extremely fragmented, given the presence of a large number of global as well as regional players. The majority of the players adopt strategies such as collaborations, partnerships and mergers and acquisitions, to stay relevant in the intensely competitive space and elevate their share. Moreover, most pet snacks and treats brands are spending significantly on research and development activities to come up with healthy and creative products to attract a higher number of consumers.

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