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13 July 2023

Build Brand Identity With Toll-Free Numbers


Branding is crucial to the success of any company because a well-known name sells itself. The quality of customer service provided is the one factor that unites all brands, no matter the sector. When a consumer initially contacts your company, they will receive the first level of service.

Every major company allows their clients to contact them without incurring the high costs of international or domestic phone calls. Companies like that want to make getting their customers as easy as possible. As a result, they recognise the significance of securing a toll-free telephone number for their company.

What is Toll-Free Number

Toll-free numbers are those in which the recipient of the call, as opposed to the person making the call, is responsible for covering the cost of the call. In India, these digits begin with 1800.

Let's discuss the benefits branding and promoting toll free no can have for businesses.

Benefits of Toll-Free Number to Build Brand Identity

Spread your ads far and wide

One obvious perk of a toll-free number is the freedom to promote it anywhere. It can be listed in national (and even international) directories, giving your business considerably more exposure than through business cards, flyers, or a window display alone. Customers in another state looking for cupcakes you can ship from another state won't have to think twice about calling you because they'll recognise your company's toll-free prefix.


The portability of the toll-free telephone number is a major benefit. When a company acquires a toll-free number, it immediately gains legal title. A toll-free number can be "ported" to a new service provider in the same way as a mobile phone number can. A toll-free number is an asset to a company after it has been purchased.


You must present yourself as an accomplished professional to impress your current and future clients. Even while it's possible, you want to maintain the appearance that you're just starting or operating out of your basement. You want people who call your business to think you are knowledgeable and regularly help people like you. They must believe you possess the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfil your requests. One easy way to infer this is with a toll-free number.

Remote Area Routing Flexibility

It is sometimes necessary for enterprises to route calls to faraway regions. Toll-free numbers make this a breeze. Calls to a company's toll free no can be forwarded to any local or international phone number. The majority of service providers offer routing at no extra cost.

Vanity Numbers Are Important, Too

Vanity numbers can also be included in your branding strategy if you try to choose the correct number. Using them, you can create a memorable domain name by spelling out a keyword or phrase associated with your business. You may also market these stats on a national or worldwide scale, and if you pair them with a recognisable symbol—say, a cupcake or a chef's hat—people will be more likely to remember your brand as a whole.

CRM and IVR Combination

When a toll-free telephone number is linked to a customer relationship management system, the company can see who is calling, what services they have signed up for, and how long they have been customers. In addition, a company can offer various services without allocating significant HRM resources thanks to toll-free CRM. Service updates and new offerings can be made available to customers, and reminders about upcoming payment deadlines can be sent out.

Subscriber-based marketing is yet another perk of combining CRM with toll-free. What a customer has paid for might be advertised by a company. This prevents customers from being bombarded with meaningless notifications.

Put Some Jingle to It

One further perk of vanity toll free no is their potential use in catchy commercial jingles. You've probably heard them on the radio or TV, and while you might not think you have the funds right now, that could only sometimes be the case. You can record a jingle to play before answering the phone and then use it in radio and TV commercials. A catchy ringtone for your phone number can result in a hefty sum of money.


Toll-free numbers are the answer to all of these problems. The first few digits of an incoming phone number can be used to determine the caller's approximate location. A toll-free number linked to a customer relationship management system can reveal useful information about the demographics of callers. You can find out when you need the most help by calling the toll-free hotline. A toll-free telephone number is essential for any company serious about building a recognisable brand.

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