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20 April 2024

Leveraging Virtual Numbers for Marketing Campaigns


Are you struggling to catch up with the sparkling marketing strategies used by your competitors? Or does your business lack a marketing budget to reach your goals? Don’t worry; you can now use virtual phone numbers for marketing campaigns. Virtual numbers, also known as VoIP numbers or cloud-based phone numbers, are useful for customer service and help your marketing purposes. In fact, virtual numbers have become a part of marketing teams in many companies. So, how can your company use virtual number services effectively in marketing campaigns? Read below to know more. 

Increasing Customer Response Rates

Virtual numbers enable businesses to use dedicated phone numbers for marketing campaigns, increasing the likelihood of new customers responding. Studies show that using a dedicated virtual phone number in advertising can increase customer response rates by up to 42%. 

Better Tracking and Analytics

One great advantage of subscribing to virtual number services is the ability to track calls and gather valuable analytics data. Your marketing team can gain insights into the effectiveness of different campaigns, including call volume, duration, and geographic location of callers using virtual number services. This data can inform future marketing strategies and optimize ROI. Companies and marketing teams have now found that call tracking provides valuable insights into customer behaviour.  

Geo-Targeted Campaigns

A study by Google shows that 61% of mobile users are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site. You can use this behaviour of customers with a virtual phone number because you can assign these numbers with specific area codes. This also allows your company to create geo-targeted marketing campaigns. Using local virtual phone numbers, companies can establish a stronger presence in different regions. As a result, your brand will gain trust and familiarity with local customers in various regions.

Personalized Customer Experience

As you know, personalization is key to successful marketing campaigns, and virtual numbers facilitate this by enabling businesses to customize their communication with customers. By using dynamic number insertion (DNI), your marketing team can display unique virtual numbers on your website or ads based on the visitor's demographics or browsing behaviour. Virtual number services also offer dashboards and tools to keep track of each customer. Consumers will shop with your brand because of your relevant offers and recommendations.

Multi-Channel Integration

Are you aware of the research by Salesforce that concluded that companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers? 

Virtual phone number services offer tools to easily integrate your customer service department with various communication channels. This includes websites, social media platforms, and SMS marketing. So, by providing a consistent contact point across channels, your business can enhance brand visibility and accessibility, leading to improved customer engagement and conversions. 


You will be surprised to know that companies using virtual number for marketing experience a 28% lower cost per lead. Compared to landline customer care phone lines, virtual numbers offer cost-effective solutions for your brand’s marketing initiatives. Businesses can subscribe to virtual number services on a pay-as-you-go basis or choose from affordable monthly plans, eliminating the need for expensive hardware or infrastructure. Virtual numbers services also give you advanced features such as call recording and IVR systems at no extra cost, providing added value for your marketing. 

Improved Lead Qualification

Virtual numbers can streamline the lead qualification process by enabling businesses to route calls to specific departments or agents based on predefined criteria. By implementing IVR systems, marketers can gather relevant information from callers upfront, ensuring that leads are directed to the most appropriate representatives for further engagement. Organizations that automate lead management experience a 10% or greater increase in revenue within 6-9 months.

24/7 Availability

Virtual numbers empower businesses to maintain round-the-clock availability for customer inquiries and support. With features like call forwarding and voicemail-to-email transcription, companies can ensure that no call goes unanswered, regardless of the time of day. This accessibility fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving repeat business and referrals. 

Final thoughts

In short, virtual phone numbers undoubtedly provide a lot of benefits for customer service and marketing. So, choose a reliable virtual phone number service provider who can offer multiple numbers for various regions. Also make sure the company offers multiple advanced features in their subscription packages. A good service provider of virtual number india should offer suitable and flexible plans to businesses in all industries and all scales. 

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