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31 May 2024

Effective ways to future-proof your career in the world of AI

There is no denying artificial intelligence has been transforming how all companies operate across various industries. From manufacturing to finance, marketing to customer service, AI has been taking over the human workforce as they are more effective, error-free, and can work round the clock without fatigue. 


While some fear AI as a job-killer, the reality is much more different. AI, of course, for its capability is going to replace some redundant and boring jobs, however, it will be creating more AI jobs that it will displace. So, the key to success is embracing the change and upskilling to make your career future-proof.


In this article, let us look at some strategies that will help you thrive in the age of AI check some of the latest AI skills you will need, and how AI certifications can help take your career to new heights.


AI’s impact on the job market


Before we delve deeper, let us understand how AI is going to impact the future job market. According to a report by McKinsey, it is estimated that around 800 million jobs could be displaced by automation globally by 2030. Also, the same report suggested around 950 million new jobs will be created during the same period. This means the demand for human talent will always be there.


The impact of AI will be different for all industries. While some industries like manufacturing will be using AI and robots more for their operations, marketing will mostly depend upon human creativity. To be specific, jobs that are repetitive, that could be automated, and are data-driven, are more susceptible to being replaced by AI, and those where creativity, critical thinking, and human interaction are required, will be high in demand.


Gain Future-proof skillset


Now, how to keep up the pace with changing technology? Well, the future of work demands a combination of both technical and essential soft skills. Here are some key areas that every student and professional needs to work on to stay relevant in the industry:


1.      Digital Literacy


This refers to understanding how to work with new and emerging incredible AI tools and the importance of data. they must update themselves with the data science and AI skills such as data analysis, coding principles, machine learning, etc. They can leverage various online resources to learn and develop new sets of skills.


2.      Getting AI Certified


AI Certifications will play a significant role in making you future-ready. The world of AI is evolving more rapidly than you can ever imagine. Especially after the introduction of Generative AI, other AI models' growth has become more streamlined. So, to be prepared for the future, you need to be updated with what’s the latest.


Artificial Intelligence certifications such as the ones offered by the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) empower students and AI professionals with the basic or advanced level AI skills and knowledge to carry out all their tasks efficiently.


3.      Learn continuously 


This involves equipping yourself with the latest AI tools and interfaces such as Co-Pilot, Gemini, Dall E-2, etc. Not just generative AI, but you should be aware of other AI tools used in your industry, such as AI website builders, AI project management tools, and so on.


4.      Investment in upskilling


This particularly employs the organizations and not just the individuals. Organizations must take care of their employees and invest in their upskilling to remain updated about the latest tools and technologies to stay competitive and updated with the latest AI trends.


5.      Experiment and Innovate


You must also identify some of the tasks that are repetitive and rely heavily on data, or require lots of permutations to get the right solution. These processes can be easily done with the help of AI tools. And if you are in a field that requires creativity, learn to use prompt engineering and augment your brain-storming task with AI.


Examples of Using AI for your work across industries and professions


·        Knowledge workers like lawyers and accountants can use AI to research and find insights from huge data sets. AI can draft documents and contracts, and find correlations in financial data.


·        For creative professionals like designers, marketers, writers, and artists, AI can help generate new ideas, personalize content, and accelerate creativity.


·        Problem solvers like engineers, operations, and IT professionals can benefit the most by using AI. AI can help predict machine failure, identify threats, explore new designs and materials, and so on. 


AI can be used across all industries efficiently. The only requirement is how you use it for your benefit.




The rise of AI offers several opportunities for career growth and development. As a student or professional you must aim to learn the latest AI skills and must be ready for continuous learning. You need to be cooperative with AI development to use it for maximum benefit for your work. In this way, you will not only survive the rapid transformation happening because of AI but will also excel in your field.

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