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17 September 2019

Benefits of Remanufactured Transmission

Remanufactured vs New Transmission

Is your car transmission is broken or damaged? And you are going to purchase a new one from the market, so before taking any decision read this till the end.

This is a very confusing situation to decide, which would be a more reliable transmission for your car. If you are facing this problem too, what to buy a remanufactured transmission or a new transmission. So don’t worry, we always here to help you. We will tell you which transmission suit your car in different situations.

But before we begin let us understand what are the remanufactured transmission and new transmissions.

Remanufactured Transmission

A remanufactured transmission is the same as a restored transmission except that the work is completed in a very manufactory setting. There are two common practices employed in remanufacturing. One uses a team of employees practised in a very specific space of the repair. One person will the teardown and review, one person will the cleansing, many folks can assemble and restore bound elements and a final person can assemble the transmission.
New Transmission

New transmissions are the completely assembled new transmissions which are delivered in new it is the brand new transmission for the old models of vehicles like buses, trucks, and cars. They are used to build high performance of the vehicles. These transmissions are tested and qualified by the transmissions and ready for sale.
Difference Between New And Remanufactured Transmissions

Remanufactured transmission and New Transmissions have same work, take the output from the engine and then distribute the power to the wheel to move. But they have some difference with the similarities.
  • New transmissions are the combinations of new parts and components its parts have no used history, where the remanufactured transmissions are the mixtures of refurbished, repaired, used and new parts.
  • If we talk about the cost, the price of the new transmissions is much higher than the remanufactured transmissions. Because its all parts are new so they are costly.
  • The difference in cost between reman and new is approx 20% to 30%.
  • They both have the same work, to provide the power at the right amount so your wheels can drive at a given speed.
  • Remanufactured and New they both are reliable transmission and easily available in the market for sale.
  • The remanufactured transmission took less energy to manufacture than new because most of the parts are refurbished and used. So, there is no need to make new parts.
  • In the remanufacturing process of transmissions, waste produces in a less quantity because of using old parts, while new transmissions produce lots of waste.
  • Because used parts are using again in reman transmissions, less energy requirement and less amount of production of waste than the new transmissions it is beneficial for the environment.
  • Both transmissions are made up according to the original blueprints.
  • Remanufactured transmissions are always updated versions, where new transmissions are old. Because in the remanufacturing process all issues and faults are recovered by pointing them.
  • The good remanufactured transmission has all new mechanical tolerances to factory specifications furthermore as new sturdiness and quality.
  • The new transmission warranty period is longer the new transmission. Most of the reman transmissions warranty is less than 12 months. But lots of companies and online stores like AutoTechio provide a good warranty with quality.

These were the difference between them, now let’s talk about which is beneficial for you.

If we talk about the cost, the remanufactured transmission will be the best choice for car owners. Not only due to fewer prices but also for a green and clean environment perspective and your car also, because it is a better-updated version. This type you can save your valuable money with your car and environment.

The new transmissions can be a good option for you but only when you get the shortage of the remanufactured transmissions in the market after long trouble, which is not possible.

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