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17 September 2019

How to Control Cyber Crimes

Cybercrime are type of crime that would happens online or primarily online. Cybercriminals mostly attack by targeting computer networks or devices. In this article we will discuss some points how to control cybercrimes. Anyone who use the internet should exercise mentioned precautions which empower you to protect yourself from cybercrimes.

Just Hackers cannot get the information through knowledge. You can also protect yourself by cybercrimes (토토) by gaining the knowledge about types of scammers on internet and how to protect yourself by them. We can do this by just getting education and awareness. We can defeat our enemy of internet via knowledge. Since phishing is superiority, get the knowledge on the latest phishing scams and find the ways how to recognize a phishing attempt. These scams often create major new issues, so keep information of the latest scams.
Use a firewall:

Firewalls is supposed to be a defense line and it explore the traffic between your computer or network and the Internet when it comes to keeping interlopers out. just use the firewall that approaches with your security software, and enable the firewall that comes with your route if you have a home wireless network.
Click with caution:

on instant messenger (IM) When you’re checking your email or chatting, be careful not to click on any links in messages from unknown people. This link may lead you to a mock-up website which can investigate your personal information, like user names and passwords, or malware could be download onto your computer. Even if the message is from known person, be careful. Some viruses duplicate and spread through email, so get the knowledge which indicates you that the message is authorized or not.
Practice safe surfing:

When carefully using the web, you need to take much cares to avoid phony websites that investigate your personal information and also pages consist of malware. Use a search engine to help to correct the misspellings you navigate to the correct web address. In this way, you won’t move to a fake page at a commonly misspelled address. In navigation, you may also take help from software like McAfee® SiteAdvisor®. free browser tools can help you to tell that site can harm you or not.

Practice safe shopping:

you should also need to be careful where you shop online. Be careful at new website for shopping and get some approved information before payment. Software will help you about website identifications. look for the lock symbol in your browser when you are on payment page, it shows that the site uses encryption, or scrambling for the security of your personal information. You also want to confirm at the address bar to see if the site starts with “https://” instead of http://’ . you should use credit card instead of debit card on the time of payment.

Use comprehensive security software and keep your system updated:

as hackers have a lot of techniques to approach your system and information, you need comprehensive security software that can protect you from all aspects. malware, phishing, spyware, and other common and emerging threats can be protected by software like McAfee® SecurityCenter. on your security control panel you should keep your security software up to date by selecting the automatic update function. regular scanning can also protect you from any harm.

Secure your wireless network:

an unsecured wireless network results that hackers have been approached to your data. You can protect yourself by hackers by enabling the firewall on your router and should change the router’s administrator password. Cybercriminals mostly have the knowledge of the default passwords and they can use them to access you. your router should only allow access to people with passwords that are encrypted. Check your owner’s instruction.

Use a strong password:

select a password which consist of minimum 10 characters long and would be combination of letters, numbers and special characters. because it may be easier to remember short passwords that reference your birthday, pet’s name or middle name. these kinds of passwords help the hackers for easily access to you. Strong passwords can help you to secure your information. Also, after some days, regularly changing your password will also protect you.

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