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8 October 2019

Where to Buy and Sell Pre-Owned Phones in the US

Whether you want to sell your used phone or you want to buy a pre-owned phone, there are numerous websites facilitating the buying and selling of pre-owned phones in the US. However, choosing a dependable buying and selling platform could be a challenge. You can figure out a reliable second-hand phone selling/buying website by searching on the internet, reading customer reviews, verifying the authenticity of the shortlisted website, checking the experience of the website under consideration, understanding their procedure, etc. Here, you will come to know the basic procedure of buying and selling pre-owned phones as followed by most of the companies dealing in second-hand phones in the US.

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For buying pre-owned phones from its users, most of the websites facilitating the buying and selling have listed various phone models of different manufacturers on their website. The seller chooses the model number and the linked carrier on their website and then through an online form furnishes information about the condition of the phone. Thereafter, a rough estimate of the best possible price of the phone is displayed on the website. This price is generally paid provided all the furnished information is correct. The companies buying and selling pre-owned phones also collect the email id of the seller as a next step of the online form. This helps the company to connect with the seller and send them the address where they can ship their phones for free. On receiving the phone, the company analyzes the condition of the phone and inspects the phone astutely through some tests. A certification is given to the pre-owned phone according to the results of the test. If the phone is near the end of its life, then the companies take the responsibility of appropriately recycling the phone such that chemicals hazardous to the environment are properly discharged. Whatever will be the status of your shipped phone, it will be regularly updated to you by them. As soon as the phone clears the certification tests, your payment for selling the phone will be cleared in cash or as desired. No charges are taken from you for selling your phone.

This certification is important because it helps the buyers to buy reliable phones from the same company. The certification ensures that the condition of the pre-owned phone available for sale on the website is good and that the lost or stolen phones are not sold on the website. This assurance is necessary because there are many cons attached to buying lost or stolen phones, for example, the lost and stolen phones are hard locked and they are not usable with any service provider anywhere in the world. If anyone buys such a phone then his money would go waste. Also, if a network locked phone is purchased then it could be a hassle and extra cost to get it unlocked. The certification provided by the websites buying and selling pre-owned phones rules out the chances of buying such locked phones. The buyers of pre-owned phones can trust the pre-owned phone selling websites when the pre-owned phones listed on the website are certified. For this assurance, the buyers happily pay the price of the pre-owned phones as listed on the website. Moreover, this price of the pre-owned phone is much less than the price of a new phone of the same model.

If you have purchased a pre-owned phone from a source other than mentioned above and you have received a phone locked to a particular network, then you must not lose heart. The solution to your problem lies in the hands of the phone unlocking services online. A phone unlocking service helps you in unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 or any other model of Samsung or other manufacturers. They act as Samsung J5 unlock code generator or code generator of your respective model and give you an authentic Samsung E1120 unlock code or Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit unlock code or Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro unlock code or the unlock code for your specific model of any manufacturer. This unlock code is then entered in the phone to unlock it permanently from its current network provider so that it can be used with a network provider of your choice. You can also unlock your phone with the help of a phone unlocking service online to sell it at a higher price as network unlocked phones have more resale value than the network locked phones.

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