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11 January 2020

Everything You Need To Know About RO Purification System

Water that is supplied to the homes comes from many sources; it can be groundwater, surface water, or the water distributed by the municipality corporations. The water from the tap may be apparent at a look, but they are filled with dangerous, invisible impurities like fluoride, lead and arsenic and even organisms like bacteria, viruses, etc., salts and minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium. These dissolved impurities are measured in TDS. 

Water that is high in TDS comes from underground sources, whereas the water that is supplied by the municipal corporation is low in TDS.

The Bureau of Indian Standards has defined the parameters of water consumption like the permissible limits of TDS, concentration of minerals and salts in water and also the allowable levels of toxic elements like arsenic, fluoride. These RO water purifiers are getting popular due to their superior technologies. But before installing an RO water purifier, you need to consider whether you require it or not.

The following are needed to be considered before acquiring an RO purifier-

● Source of water and TDS levels

RO technology is one of the best techniques to be considered if the water has a higher level of TDS (say above 500ppm). The TDS of the water can be checked by using a TDS meter. If the water in your home has a TDS of above 500ppm, then RO water purifiers can be the best choice. Naturally, groundwater has the highest TDS according to the thumb rule. But the water supplied by the underground sources are low in TDS, and thus if RO water filter is used, then it will stripe off the essential minerals and salts from water which will be detrimental for health. 

● Water pressure

This is another essential factor to check before buying an RO water purifier. Ro water purifiers usually require a water pressure of around 5-40 PSI t works effectively.

● Electricity

Another critical parameter to be considered before installing an RO water purifier at your homes as water purifiers need the power to work. 

● Maintenance and cost of consumables

Ro purifiers consist of cartridges, membranes, and pumps. These materials subject to wear and tear in the long run. Thus needs to be replaced after a certain period. The Annual Maintenance Contract usually is high in a range of approximately $2000 per annum. 

● Water wastage

RO water purification system wastes a lot of water that runs through this system. More than 80%of water is being lost in a household leaving around 20% water for consumption. 

● Removal of salts and Minerals

This RO membrane reduces the TDS by 90%. Thus the input water to this water purifier must be higher than 600ppm. But if the TDS of the input water is around 200ppm, then the treated water will have a TDS of 20ppm, which is very low and can be detrimental for your health. 

To sum up, the water which is high in TDS and hardness, thus having an unpleasant taste is best for the RO purification technology, as no other technology can reduce the TDS to such a level and improve the taste.

The water that is low in TDS can use the UV purification filter, which eliminates the dangerous microorganisms leaving the salts and minerals intact as it is.

Nowadays, the water purifier is a necessity in our urban households. The purification process of RO water purifiers is that the water is forced through a semipermeable membrane for the cleanup procedure.

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The maintenance cost of any water purifier must be taken care of, and it depends on the following factors-

● Type of water purifier

If the technology of the water purifier is Ro or RO+UV or RO+UV+UF, then it will drive the maintenance costs. 

● Rate of usage

Overuse of any water purifier will cause faster wear and tear and hence lead to higher maintenance costs. 

● Quality of water

High level of water contamination results in more frequent replacement of parts like filters and sediments. 

● Quality of the product

If you are buying a reputed brand product, then naturally the cost of purchase will be high, but the maintenance cost will be minimized.

● Service quality

A well-reputed brand will provide you with an extensive service and offers like aquaguard service centre quality in terms of technical expertise and reduces the maintenance cost. 

All these features are substantial for the Kent water purifier. It will be beneficial to buy Kent water purifiers with RO technology or UV technology as Kent today the leading water purifier company. For more details, you may contact the Kent customer care number. It is having the features of RO repair, Ro service, and 24*7 support. The kent RO customer care number is 99990-42313. The customer care number of Kent RO will help you in receiving more details about its products and features.

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