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31 March 2020

How to Get A Job Without A College Degree

The road to success without a college degree is possible. With or without a college degree, what counts more is self-exploration, on-the-job skills and training, industry knowledge, and a zeal to succeed.

Today, one can learn anything virtually by using the Internet. There are journals, books, magazines, online training, business certification programs, and many more. Investing your time in gaining experience is more valuable to build an outstanding portfolio.

The majority of employers look for candidates who have a strong set of skills. They look for work ethics, dependability, a positive attitude, and the ability to work under pressure. It does not mean that you need not go to college at all. Going to college is an amazing experience and completing a degree is a ‘rite of passage’ for people in their 20s to 30s.

But many get deprived of this opportunity owing to several life challenges. Though they want to study full-time at a campus University, they end up in part-time learning when life compels them to earn during the rest of the hours.

Let us see how to have a good life without a college degree here.

Consider careers without degrees

College degrees are essential though there are noteworthy exceptions. To start with, think of entrepreneurship, coaching, stylists, salesmanship, publishing, insurance, administration, travel and hospitality, computer and IT, and many more options that do not need a degree. They say, 31 percent of the job opening will not need a degree, but during selection, 91 percent of them prefer to select the candidates with a degree.

Hard work, determination, and dedication have their place in achieving success. You can get connected to angel investors, have an update on tech trends, and look forward to a career in it.

Earning professional credentials

You can opt for professional credentials through online courses that do not need a degree as an eligibility criterion to move up in your select field. You may consider vocational or specialized training that provides professional credentials at your community college. The certifications earned by well-renowned credentialing companies may be just as valuable as a degree.

Getting on-the-job training, volunteer, and internship opportunities

You may consider searching for a job that would help you to learn new and in-demand skills. An entry-level job along with pursuing training may help you move up in the career. Volunteering and taking internships will help you to gain experience in the related field and demonstrate your experience.

 Finding a career mentor

The best option is to find a career mentor who can provide invaluable advice. They are updated in the career fields regarding eligibility and opportunity. They can get you connected with the right company to get hired too.

They understand your career approach, help you to improve and fetch a successful career path. In addition, develop and use your network to fetch a job or attend an informational interview. This would help you to shape your career.

As a final note, getting a job without a degree is possible. Whatever your education level or career stage is, your determination and dedication will lead the path to success.

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