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3 April 2020

Beautify Your Home With Natural Carpets

People these days are giving natural carpets a choice when they plan to redecorate their homes. These carpets have become quite popular among the interior home designers also due to their unique textures, eco-friendly qualities, and interesting patterns and designs. However, it can be a tedious task to select the apt carpet for your home if you are new. Here you will come across what you should keep in mind while doing natural flooring and what are the main materials.

What Do We Understand By Natural Carpets?

Natural carpets
 are basically floor coverings that have been prepared with the help of natural materials. These are undyed, unprocessed and have been prepared from raw products like wool, seagrass, jute, coir or sisal. These materials tend to be the best floor coverings. They appeal to the visitors and guests and are the best option among sustainable and ecological flooring products. Moreover, natural carpets give your home a stylish and warm feeling. It adds a rustic feel and gives sophistication to the drawing-room. Since the carpets have organic tones and textures, they give a living space a unique touch and look ultimately natural.

There are mainly 5 types of natural carpets and they are seagrass, jute, coir, sisal and wool. Each type of raw material is the best and people can choose among these depending on what suits them best for their home. Seagrass carpets are one of the major parts under 
natural carpets because they feel quite soft and warm. It gives the entire room a very aesthetic sense and makes the living space more cheerful and positive. It is also less susceptible to watermarking and it makes a good option for dining or living spaces. Moreover, these are quite thin and maintain a cool temperature at home.

Other than this, the coir carpets are another variety in natural carpets. They are available in warming golden tones and textures. They are available in a warm golden tone and texture. These are generally prepared from the coconut shell husk and coir flooring gives a pleasant outlook to the home with ultimate sophistication while also maintaining the simplicity of the natural flooring theme. It gives an organic feel and coir is also quite well known for its insulation properties. So it means that coir is a good choice in places that have a low temperature as it captures the warmth and also cancels noise due to its noise-cancelling properties.

The next natural carpet is jute that provides strong yet soft natural flooring. After it is installed, its light brown colour evokes a very cosy feel and brightens the space around it. The look also adds texture to the living space and makes it look more abundant and peaceful. Jute is also a strong fibre that is resistant to any wear and tear. This is why the material is recommended for high traffic areas. These carpets are well suited in the bedroom and drawing room, corridors and stairs.

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