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13 March 2020

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Jewelry

A right jewelry for you always gives you a perfect look. It brightens your outfit and adds style and flair to your look. A perfect gem piece completes your overall look and also gives you a nice personality. But if a beautiful jewel piece is worn in a wrong way then it will look messy.

If a right gem piece is chosen with the right kind of accessories then it gives you a balanced look. The gems as well as other accessories play an important role in making your personality. But if we do not follow this and wear any jewel, then it will not look good.

Now we will show you some common mistakes that should be avoided when wearing jewelry:

1.Wearing too much jewelry- Every lady wants her jewelry to be viewed as desirable as well as valuable. But if you wear too many gems then it will have an adverse effect on the beauty of your overall look. No gem piece will look good if all of these are worn at the same time. If you are using anything more than your requirement then it is not good for you. The same applies for jewelry also. An old concept known as "less is more" will help you to decide which piece of gem you have to wear and at which time you can wear it. When a gem piece is combined with the right kind of accessory then it gives you a beautiful look. You should not wear so many jewel pieces at the same time. But you should go for those ones that will complement your outfit.

2.Not wearing the right jewelry at the right occasion- People generally make a mistake that they wear the wrong gem piece at the wrong occasion. It is not necessary that every piece of jewelry fits to you when going to college or office. Similarly the jewelry for a morning party is totally different from a party at night. Your gem piece should match with the occasion as well as with your attire. The gold earrings are good for an office meeting and diamond necklace is perfect for a party at night.

You need to be very careful when choosing a particular gem for a particular occasion.

3.Not wearing gems according to your skin tone- If your skin tone is warm then you should wear gold gems and if your skin tone is cool then you should wear platinum and silver gems. It is very important to think about skin tone while choosing the right jewelry for you. There are some common pieces of metals that are used in jewelry and also which are in trend these days and these are: yellow gold, platinum, white gold and rose gold. You have to choose that metal which fits your skin tone. If you are purchasing wedding rings or bracelet or a necklace then it should match with your skin tone. The right metal will make your overall look and your attire more beautiful.

4.No focus on a single statement piece of jewelry- If you are wearing a single piece of beautiful gem then it can make a statement of your style. You need to focus on one piece of gem and rest of the accessories can be used with it. If someone is wearing a gold chain with ruby or diamond then the rest of the gems should be very subtle. It is very difficult to choose the perfect piece of gem from a collection and we all are trying to take everything in just one. But you should remain away from this because this will give you a very dull look. If, for example, you are wearing a heavy necklace then you must not wear heavy earrings with it. If you wear them separately then they will give you a good look. Also, a handcrafted jewelry online always gives your personality a nice look.

5.Low confidence while wearing jewelry- Your most important gem is your confidence. You can wear any piece of gem but you should wear it with confidence. If you are not wearing jewelry with confidence then it will ruin your image. It will give you an awkward look and you will feel uncomfortable in it. So you should be confident in yourself and it should reflect on your face.

Other than all these mistakes, you should also focus on the size and weight of the jewel chosen by you. Do not wear too much heavy gems because they will make you uncomfortable.

Also its size should be accurate that is it is not too tight or too loose.

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