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13 March 2020

7 Proven Ways to Increase Your Google Rankings

It is very important that you should know from where your website traffic comes. If you want that people should find you while searching on google, then increasing google rankings is of utmost importance. If nobody finds you on google then you cannot generate leads for your business. What will happen if somebody is making a search on google search engine. If a keyword is on the top of it then there are chances that 33% people will click on it. This means that if you are on the top of the page, you are getting one-third of potential traffic. It is interesting to know that 75% of people will not click on the second page of the google search results. If some other website is ranking higher on Google than your website then it is clear that it is making continuous efforts for improving it's SEO.

There are several ways to improve your google rankings:

1.Improve the loading speed of your page- The loading time of page is very important because of various reasons. If the loading speed is much slower than normal it will be immediately recognized by google which will harm the ranking of the website. It also impacts the way visitors are engaging with the website pages. These negative effects will also hurt your website rankings. It has been found that if page loading time is more than 3 seconds, then around 40% of visitors will not see the website. They will abandon it. You will be shocked to know that 80% of the visitors will not go to that website again. It kills the traffic coming to websites which is not good for SEO. On the other hand if page loading speed is fast, then people will come back again and again. Your website will become popular. Google will recognize it and increase the website's search ranking.

2.You should produce high quality content- If you have not published a high quality content then your website will not get good SEO ranking. After seeing that content, the visitors will come back to the website again and again. This will increase the traffic coming to the website, thereby increasing its popularity. The dwell time of a website is another important factor that impacts the ranking of its SEO. It is the time which people spend on a website on one visit. If the content on a website is exciting, fresh and informative then people will spend more time seeing it. You can download Free Chrome Extensions for SEO that can help you in doing keyword research and write good content. 

3.Images should be optimized- If you use images and pictures for a website, then it is great. But the images need to be optimized properly if you want to improve the ranking of your website. If the image is huge then it will slow down the loading time of the page which will hurt its ranking. You should compress it or resize it for better optimization.

4.Fix the broken links- The broken links can lower down the SEO ranking of a website. It is not good if the link you have provided to the visitors brings them to some other website. The Dead Link Checker is a tool that is used for searching the links which have errors in them. This tool can be used for the entire website or some pages to check the links with errors or broken links so that you can replace them.

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5.Your site should be optimized for mobile devices also- The use of smartphones is increasing day by day. It has taken the place of computers and laptops. It has been found that more than 60% searches on google come from people using mobile devices. After recognizing this, Google gives the sites ranking. You should optimize the site for mobile users also. If you do not optimize it, then it can hinder the user experience, which can have adverse effects on the website ranking.

6.You should provide appropriate contact information- If you have not provided the contact information in your website, then it is not good for it’s SEO. You should give your all contact information in the website so that people can easily find it. In the absence of contact information your SEO will be crushed.

7.Always write click-worthy titles and good descriptions- The title should not be more than 65 characters while writing the headline. If it exceeds 65 characters, then that part of the headline will be saved which is important and the rest will get cut off. Therefore you should keep it always short. While creating the click-worthy titles you should keep the following tips in mind:

(a)The title should be predictable: Your click-worthy title should meet the expectations of the user. 

(b)It should be clear: After reading the title that is within 65 characters the reader should have some idea of the web page.

(c)You should make it emotional: If the title is emotional then people will definitely click on it.

You can take the help of a digital marketing agency for doing your website's SEO in order to improve its ranking

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