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26 June 2020

Double Business Opportunities with a 24/7 Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

Being a business owner is a challenging job if you need to manage things with limited staff. Small to medium scale businesses face the maximum problems as they often do not have a receptionist to manage customer, vendor, and client calls. The phone call to your business is actually the first line of contact. You cannot afford to let your calls pass off as missed calls. This is why you need someone to be present at the reception desk to ensure business calls are answered. However, the person you depute might not have professional telephone handling skills. Even one unprofessionally handled call can result in the loss of a business opportunity for your company.

How can a virtual receptionist boost your business?

A virtual receptionist is trained and experienced when it comes to handling business calls. The receptionist will ensure every call is handled professionally, and a note of it is made. In this way, you can analyze every call and make relevant decisions for your business. Most of the time, your customer calls with feedback about the product and service you offer. This feedback can save you lots of money when before planning advertising and marketing campaigns. You get an insight into your product or service from the perspective of your client. This helps you to make the desired improvements. You can choose the right customer profile for the product or service and boost leads.

Double business opportunities

A virtual receptionist helps you to double your business opportunities. You never miss a call. There are no holidays, leaves, and vacations for virtual receptionist. This means you can plan your campaigns during any time of the year knowing that every customer call will be answered.

Great for complaint resolution

No matter how much you try hard in the market, there is a segment of customers who are unhappy with your product or service. They will call in and reach out to you with their dissatisfaction. Now, imagine the following scenario- an angry customer calls you and your phone, due to no one being at the reception desk, keeps ringing. Your customer, now a little bit frustrated, tries again, and the phone goes unanswered this time as well. Your angry customer is now furious, and the possibility is high that he will not return to your business again.

On top of that, he will dissuade everyone he knows to avoid buying your products and services, citing you have miserable customer support and service. This means you lose a lot of business opportunities and reputation in the market for that one missed call. If this happens to one caller, imagine many calls!

Therefore, to optimize business opportunities, hire a professional virtual receptionist service for your business in case you do not have one. Make your customers feel valued and appreciated by catering promptly to their calls with a professional and skilled virtual receptionist 24 hours a day all the year round without hassles. In this way, you will never miss a business opportunity and gain a subsequent edge in the market with success!

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