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29 June 2020

6 Best Fitness Trackers To Check In India

With the emerging technological advancements, fitness bands have come a long way since their inception. From being rarely available to widely accessible, these fitness bands are now high in demand. These products are now available at a wide range of prices for the same.

The best fitness band aims to providing users with the most beneficial set of health tracking functions, assisting them to optimally maintain their fitness levels holistically. A fitness band tracks activities like walking, quality of sleep, calories burned, heartbeat, etc. Therefore, before purchasing a tracker, make sure it has the necessary features to make it worth buying.

Top fitness bands available in the Indian market

Here is a list of the top 6 brands that offer the top quality fitness bands with unique features.

1. Apple

No wonder, Apple is the best fitness watch with multiple industry-leading features integrated to it. This band can help track your workouts, monitor your sleeping patterns, and measure your heart rates too. Besides, it is also an extension of your iPhone that helps you receiving calls to reading mails and controlling your music.

2. Samsung

The Samsung Fit2 pro comes with Super AMOLED curved display to provide you the most outstanding display on a fitness tracker. Regarded as one of the best fitness bands in the Indian market, it has improved the offered features over time and the latest tracker comes with two buttons - one to turn the display on and the other to go to the menu.

3. Fitbit Charge

It is among the best fitness tracker as it comes with a button-less design as preferred by most individuals. You get a smooth touch screen display which can be used for operations. Also, it is light weight and water resistant up to 50 metres.

4. Mi Band

The Mi band is one of the best fitness tracker watches with a battery life of up to 20 days. It specializes in tracking three fitness activities - running, cycling, and swimming. The outlook of the latest Mi Band 4 is refined than the previous versions and it is equipped with a more vibrant display other than a slew of segment-specific functions.

5. Honor Band

The latest Honor Band 4 comes with a colourful display to offer you the brightest screen experience. The battery can last up to 6 days with one time charging on average use. This is rated as one of the best fitness bands as it specialises in sleep monitoring offering in-depth data for the user’s analysis. It measures the duration of sleep and monitors the heart rate and blood pressure too.

6. Amazfit Bip

Lastly, among the top fitness tracker watches available in the Indian market, the Amazfit Bip offers a range of industry-leading features. For starters, it allegedly offers a battery life of 45 days. This smart watch is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices and is equipped to provide you real time notifications as well.

Owing to the high price of these bands, it is important to keep them safe and intact while you use them. However, there might be instances when the devices may get misplaced or you might have lost them. To avoid such situations, you can buy fitness wearables insurance covers from reputed insurance providers to financially secure your loss.

As a buyer, you can consider the Fitness Wearable Insurance policy offered by Bajaj Finserv under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions to help you financially safeguard your fitness band against fire, electrical breakdown, or any other damages sustained by accident. The insurance plan provides financial coverage of up to Rs.20, 000 against a pocket-friendly annual premium of Rs.249.

You can also opt for a small gadgets insurance plan as these smart watches are not only expensive but also an essential part of your life. With this insurance cover, you can enjoy coverage up to Rs.10, 000 with a minimal premium payment of Rs.399 every month.

You can also purchase the price protection cover to financially safeguard against situations where you may overpay while purchase of a fitness band. This insurance cover will help you financially benefit against the price difference.

Above all, make sure you assess the features of the fitness trackers and match them with your preferences. Likewise you can take an informed decision and purchase the best fitness band that suits your needs.

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