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11 June 2020

How to Design a Stunning & Eye-Catching Brand Identity?

The logo is not just a symbol of your brand but works as an identity. It contains all your business values and presents the exact personality of your brand. Your great idea of the business, amazing interface, and remarkable strategies wouldn’t work if you don’t focus on the designing of your logo. Make your logo design appealing and attractive with perfect use of each element. Your logo should be relevant to your brand’s personality and ability to create a unique recognition for your business within the marketplace. Coming up with an attractive idea doesn’t always work if you haven’t used the correct color combination, fonts, and images that enhance your brand’s image.

When creating a design for a logo, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. Following these tips could result in the creation of a stunning and eye-catching logo. Have a look at the complete guide on how to design a tempting logo design.


Create a logo that shows individuality and looks different from the rest. Think about the design of your logo in a way that your competitors haven’t implemented yet. Don’t ever try to copy others’ ideas; it will either leave a negative impact on the audience or will make them confuse between the brands. As the logo represents your brand, pay extra attention to portray your business values through it. Figure out what sort of brand image you want to portray such as friendly, enthusiastic, calm, relaxing, professional, bold, or vibrant. Thinking about these factors would help you pick the perfect elements like colors, fonts, images etc. to showcase the personality of your logo.

Make It Pop

The next thing to keep in mind when creating your logo is to make it bright enough to catch everyone’s attention. Your logo colors should be popping and appealing to make it memorable for the audience. Make your logo creative and avoid going for boring fonts and colors. Have a little fun by experimenting with different color combinations on your logo. Don’t forget to select the color according to your brand’s personality. To make your logo speak for your brand, add images that relate to your business. It helps in telling the audience in which products and services you deal in. Don’t unnecessarily add bright colors to your logo design, sometimes you need to keep the colors light yet attractive.

Stick to Your Brand

You might think that going trends is the only way to grab the audience’s attention. It’s not the case with every logo, not all trends are meant for you. You may end up selecting a design trend that doesn’t go with your brand’s image. Trends only stay for a maximum of 6 months and once these go out of fashion, it could make your logo look unattractive. Do not reserve yourself by choosing a trend, explore other ideas that may be more tempting than on-going trends. Trend fade awareness really quick, and hence could take your brand’s success along with it as the audience doesn’t want to see a logo that is old-fashioned. Select a design that stands with your brand till the end.

Design Flow

Make your design elements attached to each other that are also relevant to the business. Don’t randomly place two objects that aren’t even linked with one another. Give your logo design a beautiful flow by connecting each of the elements so that it looks amazing all together. Think creatively and out of the box to present the audience the message you want to convey in a clear way. Keep your design cool and appealing with a nicely structured design flow. It would create a positive image of your brand in the audience’s mind. None of your elements should be out of the plan, thus make every element aligned within the flow.

Immediate Association

Your logo should engage with the audience on the next level building a connection with them. Your logo should make them recall some sort of memories related to your brand. Make you design stunning and impressive so that it instantly captivates everyone who sees it. They should be able to immediately associate the logo with your brand and its products or services. Keep your logo simple and avoid complex design so that it’s easily recognizable for the audience. When creating a logo, keep in mind a logo designer near me that suits your needs digitally. Thus adjust the elements accordingly and make it flexible enough to fit every material.


Make your logo according to your brand’s personality so the audience can see your business through the logo. Well-designed logos that yield a meaning are appealing enough to develop an audience’s interest in your brand. This article gives you a complete guide helping you to create an effective and stunning logo design. Too many details could make it difficult for the audience to remind your brand through your logo design. Be creative, explore ideas, and avoid negative elements.

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