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8 July 2020

Countries to Consider for Masters Studies

A master’s degree in one of the in-demand courses today because of the weight it adds on your resume. Read on to find out one of the best places on earth where gaining a master’s degree is most apt for you.


A Masters in Singapore holds more than just an opportunity to spend a year or two living in an exciting and exotic but it also gives a chance to study and get trained within a vibrant and forward-thinking intellectual culture. If you choose to study a Masters in Singapore, you will be able to engage with high-tech innovations, as well as study a fascinating and unique cultural heritage.Much more than being the best holiday destination; Singapore is considered a hot spot for academic excellence in South-East Asia. This country boasts of its top-ranked universities, excellent standards of teaching and learning, globally-renowned academic institutes and state-of-the-art research facilities.

United States

The US has always been referred to asa magnet for thousands of ambitious students around the globe.This country is the destination for international students preferred over other countries. US colleges are known to offer academic excellence and extensive support services for foreign students. Additionally, students are entitled to generous funding, a wide variety of educational options, and hands-on training and flexible curriculum. Being home to some of the top universities, US is popularly known as one of the best countries to do MS.


The number of international students applying to Canadian universities has risen year on year over the past few years. The higher education sector in this country is characterised by its diversity, size of its institutions, and portfolio of programmes and specialisations. With tighter rules in the US, Canada has grown to become the best place to do MS for foreign students. Canadian degree or diploma is recognised around the world as being of the greatest standard. And you can acquire all this at a remarkably affordable rate, both in terms of cost of education and the cost of living.


Australian university degrees are internationally recognised and valued by eminent employers and academics worldwide. Such qualifications can be divided into the following three categories:
  • Professional Development Masters;
  • Professional Masters;
  • Traditional Academic Masters.
Professional Development Masters degrees offer scope to specialise in a particular field, whereas professional masters enable students possessing a general or non-professional academic background to train and qualify to gain expertise in a particular field.


German Masters programmes attract world-leading expertise in several fields. For this nation, the primary criteria for selection are academic excellence that requires students to meet the eligibility criteria through academic certificates, publications, patents, etc. Post completion ofa degree programme from a German university, students are allowed staying in Germany for 18 months to start a career in keeping with one’s qualification.

Apply to a postgraduate course to earn a master’s degree in Singapore, and get the opportunity to build your academic career in one of the top countries for Masters.

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