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8 July 2020

What Can You Expect From the Second Career Program?

While it is relatively easy for new graduates and working professionals to find career enhancement opportunities. However, most people who have either lost their jobs or want to renew their careers after long breaks may find it difficult to obtain gainful employment as the career gap reduces the number of opportunities available to them.

The Government of the Ontario Province of Canada has a great scheme that can help unemployed people get back on their feet. The program, appropriately named as Second Career, is a good initiative to monetarily support unemployed citizens to pursue relevant courses that can help them get back to work.

If you are an Ontario resident and want to opt for Second Career program, reading this blog will help you learn all that you would need to know about Second Career options and how to apply for a Second Career initiative.

What is the second career program all about?

The Second Career program is the brainchild of the Government of Ontario to partially or completely fund the cost of professionally relevant courses that can be pursued by eligible citizens or permanent residents in order to get a career role listed under the National Occupation Classification.

This is a great program to assist unemployed people with breaks in their career to get back in the working pool with relevant qualifications. The primary advantage of the program is that the selected candidates need not pay back the Ontario Government for the financial assistance.

What courses can you pursue under the Second Career program?

As an eligible candidate under the program, you can apply for all the professional courses that are in high demand, develop industry-specific expertise, and improve your career prospects. Second Career approved courses are also required to provide specific technical expertise in the industrially relevant domains.

What is the eligibility criterion for the program?

The program is open to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents living in the province of Ontario who are unemployed or have been laid off. People working in temporary jobs after their lay-off also qualify for the Second Career Program. However, their work hours must not exceed 19 hours per week.

Apart from these primary criteria, candidates also need to show their previous employment history, education status, duration of unemployment, and cover letters and correspondence from employers in the present to verify that you have been applying for jobs.

How much money can you get for your studies under your Second Career?

Candidates applying to the Second Career Program can be asked to specify the stipulated costs of their career training. Based on their work profiles and gross household incomes, the program can sponsor their tuition, transportation, child care and basic living allowance up to a limit of CAD 410 per week. The maximum reimbursement amount is CAD 28,000. If the candidates’ total costs exceed the limit, they would have to pay the rest of the amount from their pockets.

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