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24 February 2021

How to Arrange your Kitchen according to Vastu Shastra?

The kitchen has long been not only a space for cooking but also for socializing, so it will have to be arranged very carefully. The interior design will have to be thought in the smallest details, in order to be able to induce a state of well-being but also to bring you luck and prosperity. According to the principles of Vastu shastra philosophy, even the most insignificant details such as the color of the wallpaper or the location of the appliances can influence the harmony and well-being of a family.

The basic principles for arranging a Vastu shastra style kitchen

Arranging an interior space according to famous astrologer in Ludhiana and Vastu shastra principles must first of all take into account the free movement of positive energy that underlies all beings but also things. To be happy we will have to protect this positive energy by properly arranging the rooms: doors, windows, stairs and the shape of the rooms can influence the movement of this energy. In addition, you will need to use the interaction of the main elements of Vastu shastra philosophy in the kitchen design: water, fire, earth, wood and metal.

Tips for protecting positive energy 

However, if the kitchen is located in the northern part of the house, near the entrance or near a bathroom you will be able to protect the positive energy by:

  • The entrance to the kitchen can be masked with curtains or drapes

  • Above the entrance, you can hang the wind chime with different shapes and sizes

  • The wall opposite the front door can be decorated with photo frames, large decorative pots or pots with exotic plants.

Organizing a Vastu shastra kitchen

The organization of a Vastu shastra kitchen must be thought out down to the smallest detail, the location of the hob, sink, door and windows being of great importance. If you cannot choose the location of the kitchen, you will be able to influence the movement of positive energy with the help of Taoist practices. First of all you will have to choose the location of the hob and oven which is the central element of any kitchen and which symbolizes prosperity and well-being.

Decorating Vastu shastra kitchens

Any kitchen arranged in Vastu solutions in Ludhiana style will have to be both practical and functional. Wide movement colors, the convenient location of appliances and objects that are used more often are among the rules that you will have to follow. The furniture should have rounded edges and the shelves should not be closed with doors and drawers.

In terms of light, being oriented to the East, the kitchen will enjoy a very good level of natural light. However, negative energy gathers in the dark corners, so you will need strong lighting fixtures, and their number will have to be even. 

The windows will have to be clean in order to allow light to enter the house, thus creating a positive energy that will induce a state of well-being.

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