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3 March 2021

A Complete Guide To Crack Tableau Certification

Tableau is a robust and widely used data visualization software in the Business Intelligence field. The primary goal of this software is to transform the raw data into meaningful business insights. Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and other professionals involved in data analytics are known to use tableau software to carry out the business workflow. This software offers real-time data analysis, data collaboration, and data blending features. A Tableau Certification validates individuals for their expertise in handling the tableau software. 

Tableau Certifications

Tableau certifications are classified into three different levels - Tableau Specialist Certification, Tableau Certified Associate Certification, Tableau Certified Professional Certification. All these certifications are valid for three years from the date you earned them. These certifications majorly test candidates based on their performance, instead of theoretical knowledge.  

  1. Tableau Desktop Specialist

Aspirants pursuing this course have in-depth knowledge of data analytics and Tableau software to solve business issues. Moreover, individuals possess a strong understanding of Tableau software’s core terminology and concepts. They can prepare, explore, connect to, and analyze data to transform it into meaningful insights. 

  1. Tableau Desktop Certified Associate

This Tableau desktop certification is best for individuals who have a strong knowledge of Tableau Desktop functionalities and possess five months of experience in handling the Tableau software. Aspirants pursuing this course are expert in using Tableau Desktop’s functions and features to perform data analysis and solve issues. 

  1. Tableau Desktop Certified Professional

Individuals wishing to extend their expertise in Tableau Desktop can go for this certification. This course validates aspirants for their advanced skills in handling Tableau Desktop’s functionalities. Moreover, individuals can easily analyze any unknown data to transform it into useful and relevant insights. To earn this certification, one should possess at least one year of experience in handling Tableau Desktop. 

  1. Tableau Server Certified Associate

This certification verifies that applicants possess a strong knowledge of Tableau software’s Server functionality. To earn this certification, one must possess at least one year of hands-on experience with Tableau Server functionality in single-machine circumstances. This certification offers the job roles of consultants and system administrators. 

  1. Tableau Server Certified Professional

The professional level Tableau Server Certification is intended for aspirants having in-depth knowledge of handling Tableau Server functionalities in enterprise and single-machine configuration. This certification includes job roles, like IT representatives, system administrators, implemented, consultants, and system architects. Aspirants have to pursue the Tableau Server Certified Associate Certification to earn the professional one. 

The Desktop certification is best for data analyst and data visualization professionals, whereas the Server certification is suitable for IT and BI professionals and database administrators. Koenig Solutions is one of the leading training organizations that offer Tableau and Business Intelligence Certification training. 

5 Tips To Crack Tableau Certifications

  1. Go Through Exam Brochure

Before you start studying for the certification exam, go through the examination brochure. This brochure will offer detailed information about the exam format, structure, and skills to be measured. When you understand the skills required for the examination, you can study accordingly. 

  1. Proper Study Material

Once you understand what skills will be measured and what you need to study, the next step is to collect the appropriate and up-to-date study material. You can prefer online resources or any training organization, like Koenig Solutions, to get proper study material. Choosing a training organization for preparation is the best choice. 

  1. Practice Mock Tests

Practising the number of mock tests will help you get acquainted with the nature of questions. Moreover, you will understand how to manage time for each question, your weak concepts, and which part requires more focus. Collect a few years worth of past question papers and try to solve them. 

  1. Gain Practical Knowledge

Only theoretical knowledge is not enough to clear the Tableau certification’s examination. Having hands-on experience in handling the data visualization tool, like Tableau, is also essential. The more you practice the tool, the more you will possess a comprehensive knowledge of its working. 

  1. Time Management

Time management is one of the most vital factors to consider during the examination. Allocate a specific time for solving each question. If any question requires more than allocated time, use the flag option and go to the further one. 


The Tableau Certification cost depends on the training organization and the certification you choose. Moreover, you need to pay for the exam fees separately.

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