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8 April 2021

Top 10 Features You Must Need for Cloud-Based ERP System

ERP can be just a technique of integral applications that standardizes, streamlines, and incorporates enterprise processes together with financing, recruiting, procurement, supply, and also additional sections. On average, ERP methods work in a programming platform utilizing shared information definitions functioning on a single database.

ERPs had been originally intended for fabricating organizations but have since enlarged to services businesses, degree and hospitality, healthcare, fiscal solutions, and even government.

10 Best Features of Cloud-Based ERP Systems

1. Pricing Management

Offering campaigns and promotions may make keeping track of your pricing quite hard, particularly as you get started supplying more services or products. Small business ERP software must incorporate a pricing management feature that will assist you to monitor all pricing-related data. You might even use this attribute to monitor offers like gift cards and vouchers.

2. Customer Management

Customer direction is a vital attribute for smaller companies. It allows owners to keep tabs on consumer interactions and profiles. Should you have to observe a client's complete history with your business, including their orders and quotes, this attribute makes it feasible.

3. Issue Management

Customer problems are a normal occurrence for any company, no matter how committed it's to customer services. Patrons will have questions or complaints, and you can not let them fall through the cracks. A problem management feature enables you to track customer problems and ensure those issues are solved in a timely manner.

4. Cash flow management

Cash flow management is vital for any small company, and also the ideal approach to have a wholesome money flow is to ensure that your clients pay you fast. That is the reason why cloud-based ERP systems must have account management and customer relationship management features. This permits you to monitor and manage your organization's invoices and obligations, whilst email alerts remind your clients to pay in time.

5. Order Management

Order processing may get complex as your company develops, therefore it is important to pick an ERP system that provides an order management attribute. This permits you to finalize quotes, produce orders, and upgrade them if clients ask for any modifications. It is sensible to opt for a system that affirms multi-location orders so that the platform will scale with your growing business.

6. Catalog Management

If your business sells many different merchandise or services, a catalog management attribute is vital. This feature makes it possible to keep track of what your company sells. This attribute should allow you to create packages of merchandise and establish customer-specific pricing. For efficiency, start looking for cloud-based ERP systems which may pull product information from producers.

7. Inventory Management

Managing stock on paper or on spreadsheets is not effective, and the information is not always present. To update your information easily, you want an ERP system using an inventory management attribute. This attribute provides you real-time information about accessibility and inventory levels across multiple places.

8. Self-Serve Portal for Clients

Clients do not always wish to telephone or email a company when they want assistance, thus a self-serve portal site is a significant ERP feature. This also raises your company's efficiency since clients can fix their own queries. With this attribute, prospects may navigate your catalog by themselves and place orders whenever they are ready.

9. Business Analytics

Business owners want great data about their businesses to make informed decisions. Without access to this most up-to-date info, you can not make tactical decisions. Cloud-based ERP systems must provide company analytics so that you can efficiently make the reports you want.

10. Campaign Management

Marketing campaigns are crucial for companies, and that is why cloud-based ERP systems must incorporate a campaign management attribute. It permits you to create and control your business's marketing campaigns more intuitively. The feature also makes it possible to monitor how well your different campaigns are doing.

Final Thought

Besides the feature mentioned in the article, your ERP applications should be future-ready to encourage a developing organization.  As an example, if your company transforms from a small to a large enterprise, your ERP should readily support it. 

Nowadays, there are lots of ERP vendors on the marketplace, and picking the best one for the company is the trick to long-term achievement.  Thus we urge organizations to assess many vendors rather than compromise any of the characteristics before buying the solution.

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