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1 May 2021

Want to apologize to someone special? Try one of these ways and get their smile back!

“To err is human”- Is once said by the great peoplewhich means every human being makes mistakes, knowingly and unknowingly. If your mistake has made someone upset, angry or hurt, then there is always a way to say sorry to them. But if someone is too special or the mistake is too silly to be committed by you then saying just “I am sorry” might not be fruitful. In such cases, you would need to put a little more efforts to apologize and undo the mistaken actions. To please the one who is hurt takes some efforts. But when we are connected to that person by heart or if that person means a lot to us, then one won’t even think for a second time before working hard to get their smile back. Sometimes you may need some sweet and convincing words to make them smile and sometimes you will need something more than words. In anyway, healing the heart that is hurt by us is the most important thing to do. Here are a few tips to say sorry to your dearie:

Stop texting, meet up and say Sorry: If a misunderstanding has occurred because of the long text messaging, then stop texting at the very moment and video call or meet up your dearie to clear the mess. One can’t understand all the emotions perfectly through the text conversation. The conversation will be one-sided, depending upon the reader’s mood and situation.  That is why it is necessary to let your emotions be expressed along with the right expression so that you can say what you meant. Saying “sorry” to the person by directly looking into their eyes will put a greater impact. So, meet up or video call them to say how much sorry you are. 

Flowers with a message note of “Sorry”: Flowers have the ability to express every kind of feelings and emotions. A bunch of flowers can not only speak the language of love, but can be helpful to elevate someone’s mood, and convey your heart feelings. If you are weak in speaking words, then try this method of flower gifting and send a message of “sorry” along with them. Flowers like roses, gerbera, tulips, lilies, and carnation can instantly win their smile back to you. Send online flowers same day with online flower delivery services. 

Sing a song or play music to say sorry: Music has a magical power to uplift anyone’s mood. Music therapy can work in many places. It can heal various physical disorders too so why not applying the same trick to heal someone’s heart and mind? If you have hurt someone badly, then play a song for them, play their favourite track or sing a song to make them smile and eventually laugh. 

A cake with a Sorry message: Desserts like ice cream, chocolate, and any other sweet dishes can instantly change our mood. It is scientifically proven that anything sugary will enhance your mood. So what better can be a Sorry gift than the gift of a delicious cake! One may not accept any other materialistic gift but when one sees a droolworthy cake, with a message of “I am Sorry” message on the top, then it is hardly possible to reject this gift. A single bite of the mouth watering cake can change their anger and sadness to a smile of joy. Avail of Same day online cake delivery from MyFlowerApp.Com to have a wonderful online gifting experience. 

Personalized gifts:

Sharing a sweet memory from the past is always a wonderful way to rejuvenate a relationship. It can also work wonders in case of apologizing. Send your picture with your special one who is presently hurt by you with a sorry message note to ensure a smile in return. You can choose a cool gift like coffee mug, a warm gift like cushion or even a beautiful personalized lamp to say sorry to your dearest. 

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