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10 September 2021

Bhai Dooj Gifts To Sweep off His Feet

India is really a land of festivals and comes in Oct-Nov; You can't miss the excitement in the air with Bhai Dooj around the corner. Given the importance of the festival and the many stories behind why the Bhai Dooj festival is celebrated, it's no surprise that the day is when brothers and sisters reach out to spend some much-needed time together. We've put together some ideas for celebrating Bhai Dooj that will work well even if you don't visit your sibling this year.

It is interesting to know that people celebrate Bhai Dooj and Raksha Bandhan in the same way. Sister put a Tilak on brother's forehead and performed Aarti with Bhai Dooj thali. The sisters pray for their brother's long, healthy, rich, and prosperous life. And on the other hand, the brothers give them gifts. As the Bhai Dooj is coming, it is important to give some innovative gifts to surprise your sibling. Here are the top gift ideas for Bhai Dooj:

Hair Care

As the festival approaches and sisters are busy planning gifts for their brothers, a haircare kit is also an important gift to give to keep him happy and keep his hair healthy. Aging causes a lot of hair loss, so giving a hair care kit is one of the cheapest gifts.


Who doesn't love to wear beautiful designer clothes? Surprise your brother in this Bhai Dooj with a perfect outfit gift basket that includes shirts, t-shirts, jeans, jackets, etc. Be sure to choose one that fits your sibling's personality. He is sure to love this surprising gift basket on this special day.

Ayurvedic Massage Oil

It's normal for the skin to become rough and dry when the temperature drops in early winter. If you are thinking of a gift for your loved ones, Ayurvedic massage oil can be a great gift.

Eating Together

Nothing beats the fun and excitement of eating together, especially on celebratory occasions. Whether they're in one place together or practically connected via technology, get the most out of a shared experience that includes delicious meals.

Special Pillow

You can always surprise your dearest brother/sister with a personalized pillow. This is one of the craziest yet adorable gift options to choose from. These pillows can be personalized with pictures of you and your siblings and you can choose from several designs and themes.

Chocolate Gifts

Are you thinking of giving that so-called charming thing that everyone loves and pampers even when it's not necessary? Make it sweeter! Bhai Dooj is a festival that wants lots of good sweets and chocolates. Give him a Cadbury Premium Silk Bar - Custom Package and make it one of the best sweets for Bhai Dooj by customizing it.

You can choose simple chocolate, so go for a bar of baked silk. Now customize gifts by adding their names - upload a cute photo of the two of you. Include a nice message that describes the importance of Bhai Dooj and why you love your brother so much.

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