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13 September 2021

3 Simple Tips to Women for Building the Dress Shirt Wardrobe

Do you ever wake up in the morning and struggle to pick an outfit you feel confident in? If you find yourself in need of new looks and nothing to create those looks with, you may be making the common mistake of having far too many bottoms and not enough tops in your wardrobe. 

When it comes to successful outfits, it is mostly the top that nails the look. Ramping up the dress shirt closet is a perfect way to equip yourself with versatile office-appropriate tops you can pair with suits, skirts, and pants alike. 

Here are a few tips for building your dress shirt closet with versatile styles to really stretch your wardrobe. 

Make Sure You Have the Basics

Making sure that you have a few basic women’s dress shirts will make it easy to create elegant looks day after day. These are the pieces that you can remix with a bulk of other items in your wardrobe and can easily be dressed up or down.


Classic white dress shirt is a basic that will make it easy to build your style around. It will always look amazing with any style of pants or skirt. You can choose any look depending on the occasion you are attending – this shirt will jazz up a pair of jeans or any skirt without making you look as if you were trying too hard. 

The other two basic button-ups are the black dress shirt and the light blue button-up. These shirts can, similarly to the white shirt, be easily dressed up or down and are a great option for both casual as well as formal wear. 

When shopping for basic dress shirts, make sure you pick pieces with tailored, sharp details to keep them from feeling dull or uninspired. Buy button-ups that have crisp collars and that are made of quality fabrics. Pay attention to the fit and workmanship. Add interest with French cuffs. Taking the time to find basic dress shirts that look like they came straight out of the tailor and have details that add pops of interest, will ensure that these simple pieces will speak volumes in terms of style. 

Add Some Patterns

Dress shirts are great for adding some color and pattern to your wardrobe. You can easily go for checks, stripes, and even floral patterns without ever having to worry about looking polished and professional. A patterned dress shirt will add interest to your outfits while always remaining polished and chic. 

Gingham is one of the patterns that will always add an ageless appeal to your look. The pattern is so classic and preppy-cool, that it almost feels like a neutral. This is why it blends seamlessly into your office wardrobe, giving you versatile looks with each outfit and for every occasion. 

Floral prints carry a happy connotation and bring to mind all the charm of a summer day. A floral dress shirt will add a touch of gloss to your smart outfits and freshens up your casual outfits of jeans and shirt. It is a beautiful way of switching up an outfit and giving it a new identity. 

Buy the Best Quality You Can Afford

Anyone who is interested in building a dress shirt wardrobe most probably does it to look elegant and sophisticated. It, therefore, makes no sense to look for the cheapest options – the quality of a dress shirt shows in numerous details (collar, cuffs, fabric, fit) and so does the lack thereof. Low-quality dress shirts look neither chic nor polished as a rule and will not do anyone any favors when going for effortless elegance. 

Your dress shirts are one of the easiest ways to demonstrate your personal sense of style and to send some non-verbal communication to everyone who sees you. When done right, your shirt wardrobe has what it takes to elevate your everyday styles and to give you a more polished aesthetic. You will look sharp and chic and are sure to get the looks for all the right reasons. 

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