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15 October 2021

3 Signs That Tourism Is Returning To Atlanta

 A visit to Atlanta can be a lot of things: exhilarating, exciting, even educational. But what is Atlanta without its hospitality industry? Well, it's not the same city, that's for sure! Gone are the days of the thriving tourism industry in Atlanta. Instead, Covid-19 has replaced the images of downtown with no one visiting and flights being cancelled.

Before the pandemic, Atlanta saw about 60 million tourists per year. Now, that number is closer to 40 million. So, it's not that the city has lost its appeal, but it has seen a shift in who makes up those tourists.

But the year 2020 has been the darkest period in the history of tourism for Atlanta. Before the pandemic, tourism was booming. Tourists from all over the world were happy to visit downtown Atlanta.

According to Janet Jang, an Atlanta tourist: "I love Atlanta with its breath-taking views and friendly people. I've visited Atlanta several times and I would never hesitate to come back again. It is just so much fun here."

Travel companies were happy to see their profits soar until the pandemic outbreak in 2020. People were dying each day due to a new strain of a contagious virus that appeared out of nowhere. The tourism industry took the most brutal hit from the deadly disease outbreak.

As soon as the pandemic became apparent, governments worldwide issued travel warnings immediately for large cities, including Atlanta. As a result, tourists worldwide were forced to cancel their trips, which made travel companies lose millions of dollars.

With good diligence, Atlanta survived the deadly pandemic. The city was very proud that it never gave in to panic and remained safe and secure throughout the crisis. It has attracted even more tourists after the pandemic.

Atlanta is accustomed to seeing large tourism numbers. It is a large city capable of hosting extraordinary events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics. One of the most widely discussed events in Atlanta was the Super Bowl, which took place at the Georgia Dome. It was estimated that the game brought in upwards of $500 million to the city.

Concerts and professional sports teams draw thousands of fans each month. Thus, restaurants and other businesses also benefit by catering to tourists searching for the best food and live performances. Visitors are all looking for the best car service Atlanta offers -- riding to events in style makes the best first impression.

The tourism officials at Atlanta are keeping their fingers crossed -- they want to see more visitors come to the city. They know that additional visitors bring positive economic benefits.

The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce has a vision for a revitalized Atlanta that embraces tomorrow. Tourism is a crucial component in achieving that goal, and today we're excited to share three signs that it's coming back!

1- Hotel Occupancy Rates Have Increased:

One indicator that tourism is returning to Atlanta is the occupancy rates at hotels. Hotel occupancy increased to 79% in 2021, up from 71% in 2019. The Atlanta metro has been experiencing an increase in hotel bookings from both domestic and international travellers. Over 1 million hotel room nights have been booked in the past year alone.

Atlanta hotels have recently been catching up to the rest of the country in terms of occupancy rates.

It's not new to most people now that hotel occupancy rates in the Atlanta area are rising, but it is worth noting that these statistics come primarily from top-shelf hotels like Hyatt and Ritz-Carlton. By factoring in unpublished data at each property, this number balloons to about 238,000 rooms.

2- More Delta Flights Through Terminals at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport:

Several factors make Atlanta a great place to visit in 2021, but it all starts with the airport. The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is one of the most critical hubs globally, and it's clear from the sheer number of passengers passing through each year. A recent CNN Money article listed Atlanta as the best airport to fly out of for business travel in 2021. It was deemed even better than New York City's LaGuardia and San Francisco's SFO.

Since Atlanta is the travel hub of the South, there must be multiple options when flying in and out of town. By having more flights through Delta's terminals at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, business leaders are more confident that they can easily connect to other areas of the country, making Atlanta perfect for business and leisure.

Whether for business or pleasure, Atlanta has the restaurants, car services, and hotels to host large events and tons of people.

3- The World Travel Market Returns To Atlanta:

Another sign that tourism is returning to Atlanta is the World Travel Market (WTM), which has returned after departing for London in 2021 due to a lack of confidence in the city's economy. The World Travel Market is the world's leading annual business event for the travel and tourism industry. It has been hosted in Atlanta every year since 1997, with over 25,000 attendees from over 150 countries.

Tourism is vital to Atlanta's economy. A strong tourism industry increases the city's economic impact by providing jobs for residents, making its residents more likely to spend money locally, and attracting visitors to spend their money in local businesses.

If you are planning on visiting Atlanta, whether it's for business, pleasure, or both, there are several things you can do to ensure your visit is memorable, and one such thing is to book a car service. It will ensure that you have a great stay!

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