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13 October 2021

Applications of Number Masking across Industries

Technological innovation and dealing with global clients have led to increased communication to deal with the customers. With more use of the internet and online transactions, the privacy of customer data has become vulnerable. As businesses collect customer data to interact with them, privacy and safeguarding of customer data are of utmost importance. Also, companies understand that they have to take care of the customers to keep the business going. If the customers are happy and satisfied with their security, they will continue being part of your brand and use your products and services. To keep them satisfied, businesses follow different strategies to safeguard their customer data.

Number masking is the way to maintain the secrecy of the customer data. Number masking is the cloud telephony feature that can rule out the need to display the actual phone numbers of the customers and avoid unnecessary misuse. If you are looking for a number masking solution in India, Knowlarity is the answer to your problem. Read the article, how number masking gets used and various applications number masking has to offer for any kind of industry.

How does number masking work?

The number masking is done in two ways using virtual phone numbers that need not connect through any physical line.

1. Masking Seller’s Number

A seller, who places an advertisement, usually uses the virtual number instead of the actual number. This number masking helps them in avoiding unnecessary spam calls. Also, sellers can use multiple virtual numbers with different advertisements to see the ad generating better results. The virtual numbers can get disabled anytime.

2. Masking Buyer’s Number

Number masking occurs as an automated call back by which the seller and buyer connect. As soon as the user clicks on the advertisement, the buyer's masked number gets shared with the seller. The seller can connect with the buyer through this number by answering the call or calling back later. In this way, both seller and buyer connect without using their original numbers. As soon as the call disconnects, both the virtual numbers get inactivated.

Applications of number masking across industries

Every industry tries to keep customer data private on priority. The number masking solution helps secure communications with the customers so that sensitive information cannot get misused.

1. Temporary transactions

The e-commerce websites implement the number masking solution in India and keep the customer's contact information safe. In this way, the buyers and the sellers feel confident about their security and privacy while sharing their contact information. With number masking, sellers get the temporary numbers that get disabled after working hours or when the offer ends.

2. On-demand service apps

There are many service provider apps available in the market that help customers to use the services. Using the number masking solution, the interactions can be centralized between the app users and the service providers. Using the number masking solution, complete business communication and customers’ transactions are kept secret. For example, while ordering food from a food-ordering website, the user knows that their numbers are safe and their actual numbers are not accessible by the delivery boys. So by using the temporary numbers, the privacy of the users is maintained.

3. Anonymous debt-collector phone calls

Debt collection gets difficult for the collectors as people avoid taking the calls after identifying the numbers on caller-ID apps. If the debtors do not take the collection calls, it will get difficult for the collectors to contact the debtors and get their money back. The number masking solution in India provides alternate temporary numbers that can make calls to the debtors.

4. International business communications

Phone masking can be an economical and easy to go solution for many businesses. Consider you have global business clients, and you need to make regular calls to communicate with them. By implementing the number masking solution in India, you can easily use the masked phone numbers for communication and prevent the expenses of calls from getting high.


Considering the importance of customer data security, number masking is gaining importance. You can get the number masking solution in India implemented through Knowlarity. They will get the insights of the conversations between seller and client to understand the customer needs. After the information collection, they implement the number masking and upgrade the quality. IVR, auto-dialer, and click-to-call are some of the other products offered by Knowlarity. Contact Knowlarity today and fulfill your telephony and cloud communication-related needs.

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