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5 October 2021

Make Your Brand Standout With The Right Packaging and Labeling.

When you buy a product, what's the first thing that you notice? Packaging is detected by any customer as on a single shelf there will be like 20-50 same products but from different brands. And CustomerCustomer will choose only one; get to know why that happens. 

Packaging is like the clothes for the product, and it gives them personality and protective covering from harsh conditions. Every person has a different style and aesthetic which defines them, and so does for a product; packaging describes them. But with so many options, brands, features, how you will get your product out of that dusty corner shelf. 

Focus On Specific End-User

McDonald's expands goals on sustainable packaging

Due to technological advancements, we can create any packaging on any material. It gives such an opportunity to create something unique and relatable to the audience. Minute details can be taken care of due to features like an online proofing system to detect mistakes and compare expected product with actual. For example, most high-class brands are trying to go sustainable or in a zero-waste approach these days. A few years back, there were almost zero options for such packaging, but not anymore. You can get so many options to choose from according to your need and product. Some brands taking the best advantage of such features are McDonals, Dell, Tesla, etc. 

Your Product Is Your Packaging

Good Hair Day Pasta (Concept) on Packaging of the World 

Do not hide your product in plastic wraps these days. Flaunt your product with new designs, which will also represent transparency. It is an excellent technique through which packaging is see-through, like Hair pasta packaging. In which the packaging is of cardboard with a transparent film on the hair portion. The shape of pasta creates hair-like structures like curly, straight, etc. Similarly, many creativities can be shown which will attract the attention of customers. 

Eccentric Geometrics

Starbucks® Brezza Blend | Food packaging design, Beverage packaging, Beer packaging

An individual might hate geometry in the math subject but not in the real world. Geometrics patterns are pretty in demand these years as it gives a beautiful pattern and a different aesthetic feel for the product. The geometric structure represents the quality of the packaging, and also, it stands out of the crowd where packaging is dull or straightforward. Starbucks also took part in this trend where they created the packaging "Breeze Blend," which is a mix of beautiful vibrant colors and geometric straight lines. 

Experiment With Material

Talk Talk KOREA

Saturation feels like a good option but not in this industry where competition is this much, and it will take only a few days to get you out of business. With time so many packaging options are arriving in the market, it is a great offer to try and adapt them to your packaging. It is because trends and social media control the world now; if you miss out-trend, you are missing an opportunity to make a profit. For example, in South Korea, the recent hype is about Mint Choco, so almost every product and industry is getting into this trend; you can see mint choco everywhere. Do not be afraid of experiments even if it's terrible, you will be unique than others. 

Change It Up

Packaging is the identification mark for the brand, which helps the Customer to identify the brand quickly. That's why most brands try to stay with that for a longer duration. Even though it has its benefits, it will decrease the spark of the brand. Do not be afraid of changing packaging styles and designs from time to time. New materials and new formats can turn out to be better than before. 

Break Down Creative Ground With Textured Labeling

24 Packaging Designs That Feature The Use of Texture

Texture labelling doesn't only look good but also feels good with its touch. It will give a personal touch to the packaging, which will show depth and a unique personality to the packaging. This kind of packaging is well experimented with within the luxury cosmetics sections as it builds trust among customers due to that special touch. You can work on the textured labeling part only too, and it will create curiosity among customers. Anything unique or never seen before is what makes more sales than old quality. 

Get Creative With Colors

Colorful Packaging Design Chocolate Rico 19

In the last few days, you must have seen many packaging and products in pastel colors due to its vibe of purity or maybe neon. People are not looking in the 80s now where the only possible combination was brown. You need to experiment with all the colors giving a different pattern and personality to the products. Each color signifies something like orange is known for an energetic vibe; it is widely used in the beverage industry. White gave the vibe of purity and utilized more in the dairy and farm industry. 

Go Minimal

Is Boxed Water Better? | Water packaging, Bottle design, Boxed water is better

Everyone is going for something vibrant and sparkly; if you see the shelf, you will find more colors and complex designs, but imagine a plain box packaging with bold texts. That will catch the most attention, which the water company called "boxed water" did. Instead of regular plastic packaging for water, they used cardboard and box-shaped packaging; along with that, the packaging was so minimal that it was a big jit. The packaging included some text in the front and back of the packaging, which looked the finest. 

Vintage Look

20 Vintage Packaging Designs For Your Inspiration

History repeats itself; maybe these terms were given for trends. Every few years, the old trend returns whether we talk about the fashion industry or any product industry. The need for uniqueness in packaging is so vast that many brands took the side of vintage packaging to stand out from the crowd. In a high-class modern world where everything is that perfect, vintage packaging is a game-changer. Kellog's also showed interest in this trend and used it for the packaging of Rice Krispies, which looked traditional and made it look like it came out of the past. 

Wrapping It Up!

If just a few people follow a thing, t can become a trend, and it also changes that sooner with time. A business needs to stick in the market even with those continuous changes. Many brands got a hold of it and are doing perfectly fine with this, and some need to adapt and figure out a way to do so. 

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