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8 October 2021

3 Speedcubing Timers You Must Try


Speedcubing is widely praised in the world today. 

People have begun to shift their attention to better and more efficient ways to pass the time instead of watching TV or doing inefficient activities. One of the most effective and useful ways of passing time or distracting attention is speed cube or just cube. 

Since the invention of the Rubik’s cube, they have taken on different shapes and sizes. The first cube known to mankind was the Rubik's Cube, which opened a new era of cubes with different directions, directions, shapes and sizes. Even now it hasn't stopped it, every day different cube inventions enter the market. 

Today the market is full of various cubes. The cube is as innovative as you think. Matermorphix, Axis Cubes, Skewb Cubes, etc. Each type of cube has its own unique characteristics and style. 

I entered the world of cubes when I was very young. When I say that the benefits of cubes are huge and diverse, I believe in myself. The benefits provided by Cubing include improved memory, better problem-solving and analytical skills, a sense of patience and calmness, and it can definitely provide good training for the brain. In addition, it is very useful for fingers, and also helps to improve the dexterity and mobility of the fingers. 

Over time, cubes have become a great way to distract yourself, and can even stimulate adrenaline when you are tired of studying or working. In addition, studies have found that Cube can also help relieve stress and anxiety. 

There is no doubt that solving a Rubik’s cube is great, but some people prefer to take it to another level and build their Rubik’s cube-solving journey. Through constant practice and firm determination, people began to use Speed ​​Cube. 

It is interesting that people can speed up the cube timer and solve the Rubik's Cube in a few seconds. Exciting, isn't it? 

And with the idea of ​​speed cube comes the idea of ​​timing speedcubing. For this reason, we either need suitable equipment to measure the time of the speed cube, or another simpler and relatively inexpensive instrument to help with time measurement. 

We all need to understand the equipment used for tracking the time while solving the cube, but today I will share with you some of the best uses that can help you keep time and better understand your progress. 

These applications are easy to use, compact, and portable Features. It's basically the quality of a high-quality cube timer in an app. So without further ado, let's get started and see some of the best apps out there. 

 1. Solvexio 

It is a great multifunctional application. It is definitely one of the best-accelerated timer applications. In addition to timers and countdowns, it also provides various algorithms and methods to solve your dice. It is basically a complete guide for speed cubes for beginners in the field. Solvexio has a complete all-in-one guide and a great timer. This can be downloaded on Android and IOS phones. 

 2. ChaoTimer 

It is an innovative and interesting timer, very suitable for those who are proficient in speed cube. It provides a timer and ranks its users based on the time required to solve the cube. This helps users evaluate their performance with other users and makes them feel positively competitive. ChaoTimer is compatible with smartphones that support Android and IOS. In addition, ChaoTimer also helps to use different options through different gestures, which is a unique feature of the timer. Easy to use and technologically advanced, this is a great timer for anyone who wants to perform well in Speed ​​Cube. 

 3. FiveTimer 

It is a great application to time your speed cube journey. This app is best for IOS users. An excellent application, regularly updated, technologically advanced, and works well with a modern way of thinking. The application has a wealth of features, from form methods to help solve cubes to different types of timers. This is absolutely great for anyone and everyone who enters the world of dice or tries to stand out in it. A great and great application with multiple benefits within reach. 

 With these four amazing accelerator timer applications, you can easily enter and conquer the world of accelerators.

So, if you are someone who is looking forward to starting their cubing journey and are looking for a place to buy your best cubing accessories and a great quality cube to suit your needs, the Cubelelo is the perfect place to go. 

Cubelelo is India’s largest online cube store with an amazing and a great variety of cubes catering to everybody’s needs. So don’t wait any further and start your cubing hobby now.

Happy Cubing!

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