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10 January 2022

6 top IVR service providers in India

Interactive Voice Response is a developing technology that develops your business with a higher growth rate. You can witness the advantages of IVR technology in almost every business stream. You can include the advantage of cloud technology in your business with the involvement of IVR within your business. If you are running a business with higher customer traffic and struggling to handle them, then it is the right time to install the best IVR service from the ultimate provider.

Why the IVR system?

IVR solution is the wise decision to be installed in your call centre platform to assure more customer connectivity and gain potential customers. You can make smart strategies with IVR solutions within your business. With the best IVR software solution in your business, you can enjoy more advantages with agent-based customer support within your call centre project. You can effectively increase your customer support level without more infrastructural demand. You can have the ultimate benefit of monitoring, management, reporting, customer connecting and even more within one IVR software setup. You need to find the best reliable IVR service provider from the market.

1. Knowlarity

Knowlarity is the most trustworthy cloud technology solution provider. With their involvement, you can enable higher-level cloud-based technology to ensure customer communication within your call centre. You can upgrade your customer connectivity to an unimaginable level with the support of IVR system from Knowlarity. You can involve automated customer integration with your call centre to improve customer satisfaction. Integrate the IVR software in both inbound and outbound call centre platforms. The IVF software at Knowlarity works with DTMF input entered by the customer. You can enjoy a limitless advantage with service at Knowlarity.

2. Exotel

Exotel is one of the leading business services that make your business more effective with an easy software approach. Exotel provides you with an operating API within IVR technology that directs customers automatically based on their response. With the IVR system from Exotel, you can easily route your incoming calls using a hosted number. You can enhance the agent's effectiveness by saving on the extended working hours.

3. Ozonetel

Ozonetel is best in providing multi-level IVR solutions within your call centre platform. You can have various alternative options to perform your customer interaction via IVR solution. You can customize your IVR solution based on your business needs with appropriate language, DTMF tones and operational dashboard. Ozonetel provides you with a single-customer-facing number that gives complete freedom to the customer while reaching your agent.

4. Genesys

You can highly improve your customer experience with Omni-channel customer service at Genesys. You can empower your entity with the most advantageous features and technologies. With the seamless connecting feature at Genesys, they are listed as the most trustable customer service providers. With the IVR solution from Genesys, you can activate reminders, account applications, survey, refill, reorder, and even more. IVR solution from Genesys will increase the workflow within your business.

5. WebXion

WebXion can be reached for better cloud-based service within your company. You can easily install IVR solutions at affordable rates at WebXion. Here you can have the advantage of call records that will be directly stored in a web-based call log panel. This feature allows you to access and analyze your post customer interaction during every time of need. When you decide to implement an IVR solution with WebXion, you can ensure call flow, custom welcome recording, detailed call log, auto-response, data storage, free voice calls, messaging, and more.

6. Fonebell

You can build the most comprehensive communication within your call centre platform. Fonebell provides you with ultimate benefits that will never leave your agents out of work. You can enjoy a ray of advantage with the communication tool provided at IVR solution. You can access IVR tools at both your inbound and outbound customer interaction platform. Fonebell business services strive to unleash your business potential through cloud telephony solutions. With the IVR solution from Fonebell, you can include various features like audio conferencing, automatic call transfer, call audit and barging, call queues, skill-based routing, etc.

Shake hands with the best IVR solution provider:

IVR can develop your business communication processes with added benefits and features. To install IVR easily and quickly, you can approach Knowlarity B2B service solutions. At Knowlarity, you can be ensured of the most advantageous features that will render support in streamlining the processes at every stage of a call centre.   

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