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15 January 2022

Best #5 Homoepathic Medicines for Diabetes

 Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and exists as various types. 

The most common type is Type II Diabetes which is a lifestyle disorder and develops due to a lack of insulin in the blood stream leading to more glucose lying around unprocessed. This in turn damages the cells and leads to complications such as diabetic neuropathy, retinopathy and nephropathy. Other complications can include gangrene and ulcers at extremities due to a stagnation of glucose rich blood becoming a fertile ground for bacterial growth. These result from a condition known as Insulin resistance and is generally seen at an older age, usually above 40. 

Type I Diabetes is an autoimmune condition and leads to Insulin dependency, which means that the pancreas start to destroy the cells producing Insulin which causes the body to have a lack of insulin which then needs to be provided extrinsically to prevent complications. It is usually seen at a younger age. 

Gestational Diabetes is a temporary condition but can be a predictor of Diabetes in the future in pregnant mothers who have an elevated blood sugar level during pregnancy. It can cause difficulties in the pregnancy as well as anomalies in the baby if left untreated. 

Diabetes Insipidus is not related to Diabetes as such and is a neurological or renal condition resulting from issues with Vasopressin, also called Diuretic hormone, its production and metabolism in the body. It causes the body to increase the production of urine, a symptom commonly seen in regular Diabetes as well and hence the name. 

Diabetes as such is not a curable disease once established in the body. This is because of irreparable damage caused to the pancreas. It can however be controlled by various modes such as Proper Diet, Regular Exercise and Allopathic Management by suitable medicines- Metformin being the most commonly used. 

Homeopathy medicines for Diabetes are also available and they also have no scope in “Curing” Diabetes but can help in the management of the disease. 

There are many Homoeopathic medicines which can be used for this, some of these are listed below: 

  • Syzygium jambolanum: Usually prescribed in its Mother Tincture form, it is a potent medicine to control blood sugar levels. It is made from Black Plum or Jamun which is known to have beneficial effects in Diabetes.  

  • Abroma augusta: It is a plant of Indian origin, commonly known as Olat kambal which is used to control the blood sugar levels effectively. 

  • Cephalandra indica: Another wild creeper found widely in India, it is an effective remedy in case of Diabetes. 

  • Gymnema sylvestre: It is a woody climbing shrub native to the tropical forests of India, Africa and Australia and is an age old remedy for high blood sugar levels. Its common name in India literally means Sugar Destroyer. 

  • Acidum Aceticum: It is also a good remedy made from Acetic Acid and is helpful in cases of Diabetes Insipidus too. 

A good specialty medicine covering most of the remedies available in Homeopathy for Diabetes is Omeo Diabeteez Drops. 

For those saying that Homoeopathy doesn’t work, there is no harm in trying these medicines, they are remedies used in other sciences such as Ayurveda as well and have age old observed and verified benefits. Your Homoeopath should never try to dissuade you from taking allopathic medicines but due to their long term effects, can help you to gradually decrease their dose. 
Homoeopathy medicines being gentle on the body can help with the same but it is to be remembered that Diabetes as a disease has no cure. In 2019, Diabetes was the 9th leading cause of death and the numbers keep increasing, the prime reason for this is the change in Human lifestyle, increase in desk jobs and a lack of clean sources of air, water and food. 

The primary way to prevent diabetes is to maintain a healthy routine but as we already know, its easier said than done. 

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