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2 February 2023

How Can Canonical Tags Affect Your Ranking

SEO (search engine optimization) is the subject more or less known to most people who are already familiar with the websites or whoever created a website once. SEO is a complex subject. Once you dig deeper, you encounter beyond things like keyword usage, editing meta tags, and link building. These techniques are familiar to those who have created a website and attempted to gain views on the web.

But there are some issues related to SEO that casual users are not aware of. Meanwhile, incomplete knowledge may affect or decrease your website's ranking on search engines. One of the issues relating to SEO(Search engine optimization) is duplicate content and the usage of colonial tags. However, to solve this issue, we might take help from the Hubspot marketing agency that helps your website to grow and increases revenue. First, let's find out the meaning of the terms colonial tags and duplicate content and how they can enhance knowledge.

What is a canonical tag?

A canonical tag is an HTML command which tells the search engine that the given website is copied (fully or partially) to a specified page or web. A canonical tag is a reference to a source of content that is original.

The tag looked like rel=” canonical”<link>. The <link> part contains the URL of the page. This is the sign of an authoritative page. The page of the original content. 

A canonical tag is used to help search engines differentiate original from duplicate content. Google and other search engines penalize your website and decrease its rankings. Meanwhile, the master page having the original content gets better positions on search engine results. 

What is duplicate content?

You know that nowadays, content matters, especially when you own a website or a blog; content is a valuable asset. It keeps attracting visitors and keeps the audience engaged. Google analyzes the content while ranking the websites. It should be unique, not duplicated; your website will occupy higher positions on SERPs(Search engine result pages).

However, if some web pages have duplicate or similar content, then the search engine will decrease your site ranking. 

How can you set a canonical URL for your website?

You can manually check your website to note down the website that seems to have identical content, like the main copy, images, or headings.

For a further check on the duplicate content, you can use the Dupli checker or Siteliner tool. 

Check out how the tool site liner offers to check on duplicate content:

  • Select the URL(which you think is important). Choose the one with the most links and traffic as the canonical tags.

  • Add the attribute ‘rel=canonical’ to all pages that have duplicate content and indicate the selected URL

  • Finally, when inspecting the URL in the search engine, site owners can see which is selected by Google as the canonical for that page.

Use the new” Inspect URL” tool that enables you to select the preferred canonical URL, and you can also request a canonical URL to be indexed by Google. 

Hubspot Marketing Agency 

It is a marketplace that helps your business or agency to grow and provides Inbound services that help you deal with problems with your clients or even help you with the fundamentals of marketing. A HubSpot marketing agency that offers inbound services has adopted the fundamentals of inbound marketing for themselves as well as their clients.

Whether you want to expand your services with clients or improve customers in business, Hubspot marketing agency will provide partners with continuous support on your growth strategies for businesses and CRM platforms to ensure your growth increases with clients. It's also important to keep in mind that growth is not only about businesses but you need to consider other things also such as clients' needs and customer retention or experiences too.

A HubSpot marketing agency is an exclusive digital agency they are certified to manage and support businesses. They are experts in giving inbound services and follow the methodology to attract customers in the digital system.

Many of you are confused with the term 'inbound marketing' and what it means. First, let's get familiar with this word:

What is inbound marketing?

Instead of relying on a traditional method of marketing, such as acting as a hardcore salesman for selling services, buying email lists, relying on cold calling, and investing in advertising services to increase demand, you focus on creating quality content that educates and delights your target audiences.

Inbound marketing keeps up with the qualified leads or conversions to your company and keeps your lead interested in your product until they become engaged with your product and buy it. 

Inbound marketing methodology includes services with each phase of marketing attracting, engaging, and delighting. Hubspot agencies offer inbound services and focus on generating higher Returns on Investment (ROI) for their clients. 

Such inbound services focus on different functions:

Traffic Generation: There are a variety of things your Hubspot marketing agency can do to drive attention from clients. Some of the attracting things you can do to attract the right leads are blogging, SEO, and web designing. These things will attract the leads and get them converted with the presence.

Hubspot marketing agency can help you retain your clients.

Lead Generation: After generating traffic to your website, now it's time to separate casual visitors from genuinely interested customers or clients. Some lead-generation services can also offer calls-to-action, landing pages, and contact management.

Hubspot marketing agency helps businesses and offers inbound services. Lead generation services can offer, such as landing pages, form creation, etc.

Customer Acquisition: After you’ve generated leads now, it is your turn to convert leads into paying customers for your client. Some of the best services you can offer to increase conversions from leads are email marketing, automation marketing, etc.

Hubspot marketing agencies or service providers offering inbound services can provide a continuous stream of services that derive real business results for your clients. If your services can show value, it becomes easy to package additional services.

Prove ROI with Inbound Services: You can prove the value of your work to your clients. As the Hubspot marketing agency shows ROI(return on investment) of the efforts you make to convert the leads helps you illustrate your agency value to the client. Hubspot market agency offering inbound services, you can guarantee that your leads are converted into sales earning revenue. 

Hubspot marketing agency has a clear view of all the data and reporting necessary to quickly convert it into a return on client's spend. Overall, Hubspot marketing agencies increase their operational efficiency and illustrate agency value.


A canonical tag is an HTML command which tells the search engine that the given website is copied (fully or partially) to a specific page or web. The tag looked like rel=” canonical”<link>. The <link> part contains the URL of the page; this is the sign of an authoritative page. Canonical tags are a great way to let the search engine know where your content stands, and its ranking.

Canonicalization helps web owners prove that their website is trustworthy and unique and checked by the Dupli checker. And hence led to improving their online ranking. On the other hand, canonical tags and Hubspot marketing agency both help in marketing the website and generating leads out of it. 

If you are getting started with a Hubspot marketing agency, you are already in the right direction. It gives the necessary push to marketing and sales efforts and generates ROI(Return on Investment) for the clients. This helps you leverage the best practices for your marketing, sales, and services.

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