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20 February 2023

What Factors Contribute to A Positive IVR Experience?


In the modern growing corporate environment, competition among organizations has evolved. The quality of the brand's customer experience is a key determinant of your company's success in the market. 

Customers link good support and a positive experience. Therefore, you need to come up with creative ways to interact with customers which make them feel comfortable. Many customers gradually want self-service due to the development of more advanced technological knowledge on their part. 

Customers can use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to avoid the inconvenience of long wait periods and pointless human contact in favour of receiving immediate help. It is vital to consider ivr service provider in order to raise your company's growth curve and increase the IVR containment rate. Below will see the factors that contribute to a positive IVR experience:

Keeping a Short Menu

Long phone wait times are something that no customer likes. The majority of the inbound questions are common and regular. This is why it is best to avoid unnecessarily placing the consumer on hold and giving them a wide variety of choices. 

The ideal number of menu items should be four to five. It should be possible for customers to replay the narration for the current menu and return to the previous menu. Therefore, it is when these options are evaluated that IVR optimization performs at its peak. 

In order to make choices more accessible, they are arranged in the order of most use. The IVR menu can then be adjusted when the IVR reports are used to identify the most popular alternatives.

Build in Self-Service Options

Customers may occasionally request to speak with a live person. Other times, going it alone will simply be quicker. Customers have the ability to look up answers on their own by incorporating self-serve choices with the use of IVR. They receive the assistance they require more quickly and spend less time on the phone waiting for help.

Deliver Updates on Estimated Waiting Time

Customers are informed of waiting times and the number of callers ahead using an intelligent IVR system. Verify that they are still online if they choose not to request a callback. Giving customers an accurate estimated wait time helps them navigate between menu items and sets the proper expectations with the use of IVR. 

Optimize Your Call Routing

Your Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system needs to be set up so that calls get to the agents who are the most qualified first. Customers develop trust in your brand when speaking with a knowledgeable and experienced agent.

First, consider the caller's preferred language while choosing the best representative. Next, arrange the agents you choose based on the topic of your interaction. Alternatively, use the call routing technique to quickly raise the number of available agents by reducing the number of necessary skills when wait times exceed an unsatisfactory level. 

Routinely Updating IVR Script

The organization should assign teams and employees to listen to the IVR scripts utilized in its operations periodically. They would only have one job that is to look for errors and loopholes in the data provided by the IVR scripts. 

If the teams update the scripts frequently, adding new content or removing old scripts when a new product is introduced or phased out, IVR optimization can be improved even more. 

Customers' top selections and the moment in the engagement they hang up should be recorded. You can change the IVR welcome messages in accordance with any current festivals, new deals, or targeted advertising with the help of ivr service providers

Interactive Voice Response Deflection Strategy

When you approach the ivr services, they will plan IVR redirection to a non-voice channel, such as WhatsApp or Visual IVR/digital self-service, based on call volume and agent availability. 

The caller will be welcomed and instructed to select one of the numbers to access digital self-service. The caller can control the numerous options shown on the Visual IVR browser and interact with a live agent by sending a link to WhatsApp or Visual IVR. 

Customers will have a better experience as a result of not having to wait in lengthy lines due to this clever strategy for reducing the burden of live calling operators.

Final Thoughts

IVR systems provide organizations with many opportunities to reduce internal expenses and offer a positive customized experience due to technological advancements. The above listed are a few factors you can consider for contribution to a positive IVR experience.

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