Top Social Bookmarking Sites List SEO - 2020

Social Bookmarking Sites List
Social Bookmarking site can be described as a public relation channel that is generally used to reach different audience for different purposes. One most common purpose is to increase awareness of your blog and the precious content in it. The more you social bookmark your site, the more traffic, do-follow links and organic ranking you will get. 

Social Bookmarking sites play an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The organic traffic to our blog / website can be increased by using quality backlinks from the other popular & high-authority websites. The sites with many high-authority backlinks are given priority by Google (there are different factors too which affects ranking). And this is where our updated social bookmarking sites list come to help us out.

Benefits of Free Social Bookmarking Sites in SEO

There are several free social bookmarking sites list 2020 available over the Internet. These sites have huge link juice if your website or blog is listed there definitely it will transfer link juice to your site and help in ranking factor, according to the latest google update you don’t need to build just Do-Follow Links, google just asks for natural backlinks.

Some more benefits of using the Free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2020: 
  1. Fast Indexing
  2. Deeper Indexing
  3. Measuring Quality
  4. External Meta Data
  5. Co Citation
  6. Number of Votes
  7. Categorization
Now, once enough discussion has been done upon the need of this latest social bookmarking sites list 2020, let us first see the top social networking sites we have with us for SEO:

Stumbleupon / (former Stumbleupon) is one of the best social bookmarking sites in our list, it not only gives instant boost in traffic to our website but also have different cateogories to build a network to connect with other individuals in same interest. Visit -


Reddit is also one of the popular social bookmarking sites. Just submitting your site or blog won’t get you traffic from this free bookmarking site. You have to quite active and upvote other's topics too to get benefit full benefit from Reddit. Visit -


Pinterest is an American site which offers image sharing and website or blog sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information online with the use of images in the form of pinboards. This is one of the best social bookmarking sites too. What it offers? Well, for the starter it has high authority domain and attracts millions of unique visitors every year. Using this site won't only give you a strong backlink but will also increase possibilities of getting good traffic to your blog. Visit -

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