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27 February 2020

Top 5 Simple Yoga Poses That Your Kids Must Learn-Steps and Benefits

Although yoga is a very old science, yoga is just not for the olds. Yoga holds its roots back in the time of Vedas. We are so exposed to the modern flip that we often ignore the natural essence of us. Have you ever thought of standing by yourself and looking inside? We have just ruined our natural composition.

Yoga is just not meant for elders, it can also be done by children. Yoga if started at an early age, strengthens and empowers oneself physically and emotionally to withstand anything.

If you have kids, you should involve them in some of the other yoga activities. No matter if you are a yoga person or not, I would suggest you at least inspire your kids to join yoga. Starting yoga can let your kids shield themselves from unnecessary ailments.

I have often seen people pluming for Yoga when they are miserably bothered by physical or emotional diseases. But actually, yoga is not only a healer but all a preventer.

Yoga if started at an early age can prevent the chances of diseases that often prevail in old age.

Yoga is more than a natural cure to the ailments. Yoga helps the natural body growth of the kids. Infusing a lot more flexibility and strength, yoga works as a natural source of power and energy to your child.

When your child adopts this practice of yoga at a very young age, he never loses the natural essence of a human body. Besides physical strength, Yoga also purifies your child's mind and enlightens his path towards immense intellect and spirituality. 

Yoga channelizes the inner force in the body and allows it to sync with the mind. We always see two out of ten advertisements casting artificial supplements to stimulate child growth. Yoga proves to be a great source of growth that supplements your kid's body and brain naturally.

When a human is a kid, he or she requires the maximum source of energy that may aid their proper and timely growth. Yoga not only boosts the physical growth of your child but it will also help them in enhancing their perception. Yoga increases the brainpower thus giving the children a great decision making and reasoning capabilities.

Thus, yoga helps in handling the obstacles sincerely coming in the way. Overall, Yoga will make your kid wiser.

Here Are Some Amazing Yoga Poses That Your Kids Can Try:

1. Cat and Cow Yoga Pose (Marjaryasana & Bitilasana):

Cat and Cow Yoga poses can be extremely fun for the kids. Let your kids walk with their hands and knees. Make them walk with their belly tumbling. Relevant visualization can make this pose really interesting for the kids. They will love to arch their back to look like a real cat. As they flow in the pose easily, help them in training the breath control. This pose is praised in Yoga Teacher Training in India when it comes to training kids.

2. Tree Yoga Pose (Vrksasana):

Tree Yoga Pose enables kids to enhance their strength and focus.

Tree Pose helps the kids to stand proud and tall. This infuses confidence and immense decision-making capabilities in your kid. Besides this, balance is the keynote of this pose. Practicing regularly, kids encounter good growth and balance.

3. Corpse Yoga Pose (Shavasana):

Nothing can be more favorite yoga asana than this. Sometimes, kids love to do nothing. But this pose seems to be nothing but this is just like a hidden platter. Let your kid lie down straight with hands kept on the sides straight. Ask them to close their eyes and relax. This pose makes the brain calm and enhances the thinking ability by calming their mind. Corpse pose benefits the young once in their behavioral patterns.

4. Easy Yoga Pose (Sukhasana):

Sukhasana is another easiest yoga pose for kids. They just have to fold their legs and sit on their mat with their spine erect. Now they just have to close their eyes and relax. Again this pose releases stress and anxiety. Also, this pose lets your child attain great flexibility and natural growth. Performing yoga at a very young age makes your child well-versed in every aspect of life. With immense intellect and brainpower, the children grow up calm and wiser.

5. Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana):

Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana) is another easy yoga pose that your children must incorporate in their daily yoga routine. Virasana gives kids calm intellect and mature thinking. With the daily dose of rich oxygen and exercise, children feel well prepared for their daily routine. Along with this, Virasana opens up the possibilities of children. They feel energetic, intelligent and prudent. This pose effectively improves digestion and posture. 

Let's look into some interesting benefits of yoga for children:

Yoga since always cures stress, anxiety and other physical ailments. If one starts doing yoga from a young age then definitely he/she will enjoy the amazing health benefits life-long.

1. Yoga improves intellect

2. It helps the child in their growing years.

3. It makes the child flexible enough preparing them for various co-curricular activities.

4. Yoga redefines their life and makes them active.

5. Yoga helps in improving balance in kids.

6. Yoga helps in strengthening the kid's emotional and physical aspects.

7. Yoga protects children from diseases by making them strong and vulnerable.

To avail these above benefits of yoga, inspire your children to imbibe yoga in their daily routine. 
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